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This $23 hair treatment is like a blowout in a bottle

My locks have never felt softer or healthier.
Katie Jackson/ Amazon
/ Source: TODAY

Don't take this the wrong way. I love how L'Oreal Wonder Water gave me shinier hair in eight seconds. But, I also love trying new things. When I emptied my last bottle at the same time I signed up for a surfing camp where my hair would be subject to many hours of sun and saltwater, I decided to try another bestselling hair treatment product: MOREMO Water Treatment Miracle 10.

All it takes is 10 seconds

It's not nanoseconds, but 10 seconds is still doable. That's how fast MOREMO Water Treatment Miracle 10 claims to work. Judging by its 4.3-star average rating from more than 300 reviews, it seems to deliver on time. While the $23 price tag might seem high for a 6.76-ounce bottle, I justified the cost by considering how much it could potentially save me on blowouts. I also figured I could get at least 10 uses out of it.

It even works when I air-dry

This product also saves me time. That's because it works so well, I don't have to blow-dry my hair to see a difference. The first time I used it, I intentionally let my hair air-dry so I could make sure any results I saw came from the product. After shampooing, I applied it directly to my hair and massaged it from the roots to the ends for 10 seconds before rinsing. The product comes out of the bottle like water and feels like contact solution. I read it may cause a warming sensation for a few seconds. However, I haven't experienced that. And it's so lightly scented, I only notice the floral notes when I make a point of trying to notice them.

I don't have to make a point of trying to notice the results, though. Even in the shower, my wet hair feels the same way it does after I do a good deep conditioning mask. It just takes a fraction of the time and a lot less product. By the time my hair has dried, I'm already having a better hair day. My normally dry, damaged tresses (thanks to my beach lifestyle and blow-drying habits) look and feel substantially healthier. Most days, I just use this and the John Frieda root booster I'm obsessed with and I'm out the door. I haven't completely retired my blow-dryer yet, but let's just say it only works part-time now.

What is the miracle ingredient?

the list of ingredients in MOREMO's Water Treatment Miracle 10
Katie Jackson / TODAY

The first thing I noticed about MOREMO Water Treatment Miracle 10's list of ingredients is how natural everything looks. According to the bottle, the "secret of the ultra moisturizing formulation" is a combination of five extracts including spirulina. The rest of the list includes 17 amino acids from corn, wheat and soy proteins. Even in minuscule amounts, these active ingredients pack a serious punch. I use about a tablespoon for my long hair, which equals out to about 14 milliliters. (This bottle has 200 milliliters.) At this rate, I can get 14 treatments out of one bottle.

It's like a blowout in a bottle

feeling like I just got a blowout after using the MOREMO Water Treatment Miracle 10
Katie Jackson / TODAY

Does my hair look as soft and shiny as it does when I get a professional blowout? Not quite. But it saves me time, money and the risk of having to go to a salon during a pandemic. Basically, it's the closest I've come to finding a blowout in a bottle.

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