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14 thrilling murder mystery games for hosting the ultimate Halloween party

Oh no, there’s been a murder! But you don't have any reason to be alarmed.
TODAY Illustration / Masters of Mystery / Amazon

Fall is officially upon us, which means it's time to start planning for another epic spooky season filled with costumes, theme parties and general merrymaking with the Halloween lovers in your life. If you’re too old for trick-or-treating or just prefer to spend the holiday hoarding the candy for yourself, then we’ve got a super scary activity for you that is guaranteed to be a howling good time.

“There’s been a murder!” Don’t be alarmed — it's only a game! If you’re a lover of true crime and find yourself staying in on a Saturday night to binge classic horror flicks, you’ve come to the right place. Shop TODAY has scored some hair-raising (and affordable) murder mystery games to make this Halloween the most memorable one yet.

Whether you’re ready to get back to the ‘80s or get down on the dance floor, these murder mystery options will transport your living room into a real-life crime scene and maybe even turn a few friends against each other.

Top-rated murder mystery games to shop

Secrets of Emerald Hill

Head back in time to 1980s London where a horrifying murder is uncovered inside a private residential community. Pile on that hairspray and put on your best Madonna T-shirt while playing detective in this interactive dinner party game. We all have that one friend who is stuck in a time warp and plays Duran Duran on repeat — this will make a totally tubular gift for them.

Death at the Dive Bar

No use in crying over spilt vodka. In this immersive Hunt a Killer mystery game, a murder has occurred at a local dive bar. Owner Nick Webster’s death is ruled an accident, however, one of his employees suspects foul play. This game is a quick play, so you'll have plenty of time left in the evening for more debauchery! Nearly 80 percent of verified Amazon customers rated this product a glowing five stars.

Little Shop of Rocky Horrors

A mash-up between “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Little Shop of Horrors,” this murder mystery box — set at a countryside estate where a local theater group is seeking solace inside a rambunctious manor house — is the ideal game for the campy horror movie buff in your life. Characters include a mad scientist, a housekeeper and even a Grubhub driver. Best of all, this game is reusable, so you can play again next Halloween with an entirely different outcome.

Death by Chocolate

If you’re a die-hard foodie, look no further. Transport back to 1900 where Billy Bonka, a chocolate manufacturer, is found dead on Easter Sunday after being killed by an explosive Easter egg. Each kit includes a party planner booklet with delicious recipes, a curated menu and decorating tips for the ultimate gourmet experience. Nothing says murder like sweet revenge!

Vampire Ball

Get out your fangs and put on your cape for this vampire-themed murder mystery game. The "Queen" of New York, Count Dragula, is hosting a ball at an exclusive club uptown and night walkers and blood drinkers are dying for an invite. Choose from characters like Count Dragula, who serves as the host, or Han Velsing, who was hired by Dragula to manage security at the party. Be sure to reserve the entire evening as this game can take over three hours to sink your teeth into. Happy hunting!

A Taste for Wine & Murder

Attention wine connoisseurs! Transport to a beautiful California vineyard where local winery owner, Barry Underwood, is found dead during an annual festival. Get ready for some decadent recipes from cookbook author Sandra Gluck to help cook up some appetizing dishes to satisfy your guests’ stomachs. Don’t forget to hand out the character booklets, as we guarantee all your female guests will be vying to play Marilyn Merlot!

Body at the Boardwalk

Missing the summer sunshine? Teleport to a seaside amusement park where an employee is found dead. Uncover the secrets of the park in this immersive investigation with a near-perfect average from nearly 2,000 verified Amazon shoppers. P.S. This game is intended for ages 14 and up.

A Scandal in Bodgerton

Sometimes all you need is a good cup of tea… and someone to spill it! Bring on the drama with this “Bridgerton” and Jane Austen-themed murder mystery to make your guests the envy of high society. Every week, “L Whistlewind” releases a new scandal sheet with dirty gossip — but who is the busybody sharing all these juicy secrets? The shocking identity of “L Whistewind” will be revealed by the end of the evening

Bullets on Broadway

There’s no business like show business! This game can be played with up to 20 people and is a huge hit with large family gatherings. Created and written by Broadway talent, the detective role is voiced by an actress from the original “Hamilton” Broadway cast.

Horror on the Haunted House Tour

Nothing spells Halloween like a trip to a terrifying haunted house. Gather up the courage and choose from a variety of 20 different characters to play. Suspects share their stories to help participants determine who is innocent and who… is not. Receive all your game files on a USB drive to print at home, including host guides, character booklets and more.

At Home Murder Mystery: Circus Edition

Who's down to clown? Welcome to the world-famous Starlight Circus, where everyone is a suspect. This box has everything you need to search for the ringleader of this crime, including 40 game play clues and props. Bonus: This replayable game has two alternate endings for maximum enjoyment.

Murder Mystery on the Dance Floor

Can you dig it? Put on your dancing shoes, ladies, and gentlemen. There’s been a murder at Boogieland 77, the flashiest club in New York. Find out what secrets John Revolting and other silly characters are hiding in this groovy 1970s themed murder mystery box. The set even comes with trophies to award your guests for “best detective” and “best acting.” Bragging rights are encouraged!

Mystery on the Train

All aboard the European Belle to travel back in time to the 1930s for a murder mystery surprise. Choose from creative character names including the host, Al Laboard. The game includes an e-invite for the host to invite guests and view the character list. Plot twist: The victim is NOT one of your guests!

1920s Murder Mystery Kit

Hey there, old sport! Channel your inner Jay Glittersby in this 1920s “Great Gatsby”-themed murder mystery game. Set in New York’s Glittersy Mansion in 1923, an uninvited guest is found dead at the party. Dress up as a glamorous silent movie star or a jazz-loving piano player for an unforgettable Instagram post that will make all your followers green with envy.