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7 microfiber towels and wraps to help reduce frizz

Your towel could be to blame for the state of your hair.
Woman with a microfiber towel in her hair
Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich / Getty Images

You spend so much time giving your hair TLC while you're in the shower — you apply your shampoo, conditioner, maybe even a hydrating mask. But if you immediately step out and throw your hair up in the nearest bath towel, you're not doing that routine much justice.

Conventional towels can rough up your hair cuticles, making your locks more susceptible to frizz, Kali Ferrara, a New York City-based hairstylist at The Salon Project, told Shop TODAY. Towels and wraps made out of microfiber, on the other hand, are gentler and more absorbent, so they're less likely to cause issues.

While they're great for drying all hair types, microfiber towels have been a long favorite of those with more textured hair. And they're a good choice to use for the popular curly hair drying technique, plopping, as the material doesn't disrupt your curls, Ferrara said.

So next time you step out of the shower, apply your go-to creams or serums, then reach for one of these popular microfiber options for frizz-free drying.

DevaCurl Devatowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel

Ferrara, who has curly hair, said she's been using DevaCurl's microfiber towel for years. It's a great choice for plopping since the fabric is gentle on curls and more absorbent than most t-shirts, a popular option often used in the technique. (Though SunBum's new T-Shirt Towel is perfect for those who prefer the shirt method.)

AQUIS Original Hair Turban

Made from the brand's proprietary Aquitex moisture-wicking fabric, this towel dries your hair up to 50 percent faster than your average cotton towel. It's super lightweight, too, so wrapping your hair up in the turban won't put as much stress on your head and neck as a typical towel might.

Turbie Twist Microfiber Towels

One Shop TODAY writer said she swears by these microfiber towels and never washes her hair without one. Not only is it a great tool for thoroughly drying hair and reducing frizz, but she said she appreciates how it keeps her hair out of the way, so she can get things done while her hair dries.

YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Amazon reviewers love this microfiber wrap, which has more 19,000 five-star reviews. It's great for all hair types and textures and is made to last, even with daily use.

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Hair Towel

Not only will this cute towel make for some Instagram-worthy bathroom selfies, but the ultra-soft microfiber material dries your hair faster, without the need for heat. It's available in a variety of patterns and colors, so there are plenty of fun options to choose from.

M-bestl 2-Pack Hair Drying Towels

Reviewers say that this microfiber towel is a great option for plopping or general drying. "I have very curly, dry hair and this towel has changed my hair game," wrote one verified reviewer. "It does dry your hair faster than a normal towel and it does not create any breakage. I simply tie my hair up in the towel and less than ten minutes later my hair is mostly dry and my curls are saved."

Coco & Eve Hair Towel Wrap

Beauty brand Coco & Eve is best known for its nourishing hair mask, and this wrap makes the perfect companion. Apply your favorite products to your wet hair, then wrap in this stylish towel to dry or use it to protect your pillow when you put on an overnight hair mask.

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