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Bobbie's Buzz: Why baking, plumping and plopping are the hot new beauty terms

See the latest and greatest beauty tricks trending online.
/ Source: TODAY

It was all about crimping in the 80's, straightening in the '90s and learning the BB's and CC's alphabet most recently. TODAY Style Editor and's Bobbie Thomas explains the buzzwords that are trending now and how to make them work for you.


Generously apply concealer and contour powders and allow them to set (aka "bake") for at least 10-15 mins before blending. Giving the makeup time to sit allows the natural oils on your face to melt into the product, which helps avoid creasing and separating. Try this method to create a creamy, flawless finish on your look.

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Lip injections and suction tools are painful and potentially harmful, while swelling lip formulas often burn and sting. And even if they work, both options are temporary at best. So why not simulate a voluminous pucker with a simple (and pain-free!) makeup trick? Start by using a light concealer or a white or nude pencil to highlight the center of your lips from the cupid’s bow down to the bottom edge of your lower lip. Dab and blend a natural-looking pink color in from the corners and finish with a balm or gloss. The ombre illusion and shimmer will reflect light and give lips the appearance of being fuller.

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Want a fuss-free way to get frizz-free curls? While brushing through wet strands to detangle seems like a logical step after after washing our hair, but the added friction can often add unwanted volume. Instead, try "plopping" your curls into a cotton t-shirt, flour sack towel or even diaper cloths. The key is to find a smooth, thin and absorbent wrap that will keep your tresses as sleek as possible. Ribbed terry cloth towels have the opposite effect by ruffling the cuticles and creating frizz.

To best define soft curls, apply a leave-in conditioner or gel product and blot excess moisture before your plop. Leave your hair wrapped overnight or while you get ready. Afterward, use a wide-tooth comb or finger through your stands, finishing with a sealing spray or light shine oil on the ends. And voila!

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