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These 'tummy control' leggings are the only pants I want to wear right now

From lounging to workouts, these leggings can do it all.
Mark Foster

My normal routine isn't so normal anymore.

I used to get up in the morning to go to the gym before work. I did my hair and makeup, ran my errands and occasionally went out to dinner with friends.

Now that I am practicing social distancing, I rarely leave my home unless I need to stock up on groceries. This new routine isn't impossible to adopt, but I find that it's much more difficult to stay motivated when I'm not heading out of the house for the day.

The most difficult part of this isn't the new schedule — it's my lack of motivation to get out of my pajamas in the morning. They're comfortable, warm and when I'm not being seen in public, they seem like a viable all-day outfit.

Unfortunately, sitting in pajamas encourages me to relax — and it didn't take me long to realize that I was much more unproductive when I didn't get dressed in the morning.

Luckily, I still had my favorite pair of leggings to turn to instead and noticed that this slight change in my attire made a huge difference in my day.

90 Degree Tummy Control Leggings

I found the 90 degree tummy control leggings a couple years ago and initially purchased them because of the affordable price. They were under $30, making them much less than other leggings in my closet.

In addition to the price, I noticed they were extremely comfortable and soft thanks to the spandex- and nylon-blend material. Even after washing them, they continued to hold their shape and stretch. I never expected them to become one of my favorite pairs of leggings — but even after a couple of years, I still wear them on a regular basis.

I used to change clothes multiple times a day — from my gym clothes to my work outfit to my at-home loungewear. Now that I'm spending a majority of my day inside my house, I've learned the sheer versatility of these pants.

I love that I can go straight from relaxing to working out. And they're breathable too!
I love that I can go straight from relaxing to working out. And they're breathable too!Mark Foster

After waking up in the morning I immediately change into my 90 degree leggings. Whether I'm taking a break to go on a walk outside or I'm doing chores around the house, I can count on them to stay in place and keep me comfortable in any situation.

They're soft enough for lounging but polished enough to be a go-to piece for running errands. And on the occasion that I can get in a quick workout in my basement, I find them to be stretchy enough for full range of motion and moisture-wicking as well.

Amazon customers agree that they're ideal no matter what your daily schedule entails.

"This just became my favorite pair of leggings. They are wardrobe versatile performing well in workouts and also looking cute casually with a pair of boots," said one verified buyer.

Though I didn't buy the leggings specifically for the tummy control aspect, many buyers rave about their ability to shape their figure comfortably.

"I usually stick to clearance & sale items but these are worth every penny," said one verified buyer.
"I usually stick to clearance & sale items but these are worth every penny," said one verified buyer.Amazon

"Instead of showing all the flaws in my legs it instead complements them. They are high rise, about at the belly button, and keep my tummy and sides in, making me look and feel slimmer," explained one buyer.

If you want to add some color to your wardrobe, the leggings come in multiple colors including magenta, light blue, violet and more. I prefer the black ones but there are plenty of people who purchased multiple colors.

After buying them in black, one buyer ordered more because of the affordability and shaping component. "I ordered them in three more colors: tainted rose, twilight mauve, and dutch blue. It’s hard to find leggings that are squat proof, thick, lined, durable, cute, and that don't lose stretch over time. I love these because they’re all those things and more."

Though working from home hasn't been easy, I'm grateful that I can count on these leggings to get me through the day in comfort.

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