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Hit snooze! Here's everything you need to wake up looking like you had a fresh blowout

Shop TODAY editors swear by these four products for a salon-worthy look at home.
Before and after using the Kitsch curl heatless rollers
Courtesy Alexa Arent

Mornings can be hectic — especially when you wake up and feel like your hair has seen better days. If you have a busy AM routine, you may often find yourself battling time and your mane. But adding just a handful of tried-and-true products to your beauty routine at night and in the morning can be the secret to walking out the door on time, while looking like you walked straight out of a salon.

As part of our series Shop This List TODAY, we turned to our Shop TODAY editors for their favorite time-saving products that help them wake up with that fresh blowout look — without taking away from much-needed sleep. Within this editor-approved list, you'll find two volume sprays (one for wet hair and one for dry), an overnight heatless curling set that one editor uses to wake up with frizz-free waves and a dry shampoo that another applies before bed to extend her style for longer. Together, these four Shop TODAY-favorites will help you create a routine that's low on effort and time — and sure to result in more good hair days.

Shopping the list is easier than ever for our readers: Below, you can add all four items to your cart at once in just one click, then check out at Plus, Target offers free shipping on orders $35 and up, or with a Target RedCard.

If you're ready to leave bad hair days in the past and catch up on your beauty rest, keep reading to check out our one-stop shopping list that editors swear by.

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Ouai Volume Spray


Bravo Sierra Dry Shampoo

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Dry Shampoo


Kitsch "The Original" Satin Heatless Curling Set

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Satin Heatless Curling Set



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Dryspun Texture Spray


Ouai Volume Spray

We're all about a product that's designed to help make an at-home blowout look like the result of a salon visit. If you're looking for a little extra lift, give freshly washed hair a spritz of this volume spray at the roots just before you blow dry. The brand says you can expect fuller-looking hair and more shine.

"I was blessed with hair that gets super thick at the bottom but starts thin and flat at the root. So, to get that long-lasting bounce and commercial-worthy volume, a basic blowout won’t get the job done. That’s when I reach for Ouai’s Volume Spray, a pre-blow-dry body-building mist that actually gives my locks lift that lasts for days. It even adds a little shine and protects my hair from heat. But what makes me come back to this product the most? The scent. I can’t tell you how many times family and friends have mistaken this volume spray for a luxury perfume" - Danielle Murphy, Associate Editor

Woman spraying Ouai Spray in her hair
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

Bravo Sierra Dry Shampoo

Don't have time to wash and restyle your hair every day? You can stretch out your 'do a day or two with dry shampoo. The brand says this product is made to keep your hair clean on days when you're pressed for time. And it's not just for mornings: Spray it in your roots before bedtime to help preserve the style and wake up to fresh, non-greasy hair.

"I'm not a morning person by any means, so I'll do anything I can to get myself ready the evening before. My favorite hack? Using dry shampoo as part of my nighttime routine, and this one from Bravo Sierra is a top pick for two reasons. One: The formula is super lightweight, so there's no worry of hair feeling tacky or leftover residue on your pillow. And two: The scent makes second-day hair smell clean without being too overpowering before bed. Whether you want to get rid of grease, add more volume or a bit of both, this dry shampoo is like a shower in a can." - Lauren Witonsky, Assistant Partnerships Editor

Kitsch "The Original" Satin Heatless Curling Set

A product that styles your hair while you sleep? Now that's the type of multitasking we can get behind. This heatless curling set comes with a satin headband and two scrunchies. Simply wrap your hair around the foam band and secure it with the ties. Add this to your routine by wearing it overnight to wake up with effortless curls and volume.

“The heatless curlers have revolutionized my morning routine. I have truly never found a more game changing way to curl your hair. This is the fastest and least damaging way to have the perfect hair day. I’m OBSESSED!" - Alexa Arent, Commerce Coordinator

Woman using the Kitsch curl heatless rollers
Courtesy Alexa Arent

Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Texture Spray

If you wake up with flat roots or bedhead, consider adding this texture spray to your morning routine. According to the brand, it has a translucent formula designed for use on dry hair. All you need to do is spray 10 inches from your roots, then massage in or "ruffle" your hair for an instant boost and all-day hold, says the brand.

"It was a very light hold. It gave my roots a little lift, which was nice for days when I wanted to sleep in and preserve my hairstyle from the day before. I also have thin hair, so I would look to it to give me a boost." - Alexandra Deabler, Deputy Editorial Director