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Redditors and editors say that these beauty products provide ‘instant’ results

No need to wait around for glowing skin or hydrated hair!
Kara Birnbaum / TODAY; Courtesy Emma Stessman

While we know that some of the best things in life take time, there's something to be said about a beauty product that produces immediate results.

Because if you have dry, itchy skin, a breakout, dark circles or any other common beauty woe, you don't always have time to wait around for the problem to sort itself out. Thankfully, there are a number of products that promise to help transform your skin in a matter of days (or in some cases, just hours).

On Reddit, one user recently polled people in the Beauty subreddit on the products that surprised them by how quickly they showed results. And the thread turned into a treasure trove of helpful recommendations, with people sharing the things that helped clear up acne scars, brighten their skin and more in just a few treatments.

We compiled some of their responses below. We were also inspired to poll our editors about the beauty products they swear by that have an immediate effect on their skin and hair as well. Keep reading to see all the picks.

Best products, according to RedditBest products, according to editorsHow we chose

Best beauty products with immediate results, according to Reddit

Rena Chris Gua Sha Facial Tool

What we like
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
Something to note
  • Should use with oil or lotion

One person on the thread shared that gua sha and facial massage provided immediate relief for facial tension (though you'll get even better results with time), and multiple commenters agreed about the instant benefits of the tool.

Experts say that by using the tool, you may be able to see lifting, toning and firming results immediately, but with time, you should also notice a difference in fine lines and wrinkles.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water

What we like
  • Works "in 8 seconds"
  • Moisturizing treatment
Something to note
  • May cause a warming sensation

L'Oreal's Wonder Water Treatment was another popular pick from the thread. According to the brand, it targets damaged areas to smooth and moisturize your hair. The best part? It's said to work in just eight seconds.

One Shop TODAY writer who tried it said that after just one use, "I immediately noticed my hair was silkier, smoother and more alive-looking." She continued, "In terms of texture, it looked like I’d gotten a Brazilian blowout. More importantly, it felt like I’d gotten a Brazilian blowout."

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

What we like
  • It has multiple uses
Something to note
  • Can feel greasy in big amounts

One person shared that the Aquaphor healing ointment has helped their skin heal from everything from sunburn to chapped lips. According to the brand, the multipurpose treatment is designed with dry, compromised skin in mind and can provide relief for your feet, hands, face and more.

Frownies Forehead and Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches 

What we like
  • Wear overnight
  • For forehead and eye wrinkles
Something to note
  • Slight odor

Multiple people shared how wrinkle patches, like Frownies, helped smooth out their fine lines and wrinkles overnight. Experts say that the benefit of wearing them is likely pretty short-term as they can smooth out some of those “sleep wrinkles” that can sometimes form as you snooze, and they might creep back as you move your face throughout the day. But these can be pretty beneficial if you have a big event or something where you need your skin to look its best.

Crest 3D Whitestrips

What we like
  • Enamel-safe
  • "8 levels whiter"
Something to note
  • May cause tooth sensitivity

The original poster of the thread mentioned Crest Whitestrips as one of the products that surprised them with how quickly it worked. According to the brand, by using them regularly for 30 minutes a day, you can remove up to 14 years of set-in stains.

Best beauty products with immediate results, according to editors

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream

What we like
  • Use on face and body
  • "Super hydrating"
Something to note
  • Hard to rub in

"The night before my cousin’s wedding I was in a pinch at Target and needed something to reverse years of ashiness on my legs," says editorial operations manager Jill Ortiz. She found this cream, which she says "feels like a drink for your skin." "I use it on my hands because they are so dry they crack and it makes them feel so much better."

Physicians Formula Butter Glow Bronzing Serum

What we like
  • Little bit goes a long way
  • Natural-looking glow
Something to note
  • Can feel it on your skin

If your skin is feeling lackluster after a winter of little sun, you're not the only one. Ortiz says that she's sporting her "winter white right now" but says that this serum does "a nice job at giving me enough color that I don’t look ill." She adds, "I also like to mix it with foundation or a skin tint because the glow peeks through and gives you a little oomph."

Paula’s Choice Daily Skin Clearing Treatment 

What we like
  • Targets acne
  • Fights future breakouts
Something to note
Nothing to note at this time

"I have struggled with breakouts and hormonal zits for a majority of my life, so I have tried just about every face wash and spot treatment on the planet," Ortiz says. "Then, last year, I tried this treatment. And it changed my life. Whether I have a fat pimple pop up ahead of my period or am just struggling with a random breakout because I have been eating like garbage, I can always count on this treatment to save the day." In fact, she says that it really did on one important occasion. "I had a nasty pimple come in before my cousin’s wedding and I credit this for saving my face!"

Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

What we like
  • Easy to apply
  • Natural-looking tan
Something to note
  • Tanner smell

"I used to be so wary of self-tanner, but this category of products has come such a long way in the last few years," says senior partnerships editor Francesca Cocchi Zabloudil. "Case in point: These tanning face drops. I mix a drop or two into my moisturizer and am always stunned by the results. The drops instantly give my skin a subtle, natural-looking glow. When I use them in the winter, I feel like I look more awake, and my skin looks healthier. And I tend to feel comfortable wearing less makeup because my skin looks great without any!"

Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil

What we like
  • "Instant hydration"
  • Safe for kids and adults
Something to note
  • Need to use multiple pumps

Deputy editorial director Ali Deabler says that after using this cleansing oil, she was "very amazed at how soft my skin was immediately out of the shower."

When applied on wet skin, the formula works into a lather to both cleanse and hydrate dry skin, the brand says.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Repair Perfector

What we like
  • Works on hair's bonds
  • Helps prevent future damage
Something to note
  • Can be heavy on fine hair

Associate editor Shannon Garlin says that she sees "instant results" when she uses Olaplex's pre-shampoo No.3 Repairing Treatment. "When I haven’t been treating my hair very nicely from hair dye or using a lot of heat products, I always treat it to a little pre-shampoo spa day. You’re supposed to leave it on damp hair for 10 minutes then shower and condition and my hair immediately feels softer and back on track."

DpHue Exfoliating Scalp Detox

What we like
  • Made for sensitive scalps
  • Gentle exfoliation
Something to note
  • Feels cooling

"I’ve heard about all the beauty benefits tied to apple cider vinegar, but I never used the ingredient for my hair care routine until I came across this scalp product," shares senior SEO editor Jess Bender about this gently exfoliating pre-wash treatment. "While the initial benefits were immediately noticeable on my oily scalp, I didn’t see any signs of hair growth until about three months of usage. I have some bare patches on my head on account of overitching, but I’m starting to feel and see some bits of new hair coming in!"

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow

What we like
  • Doesn't cause breakouts
  • Brightens skin
Something to note
  • Light herbal smell

I will always sing the praises of this product. Not only does it have long-term benefits (it's been a staple in my daily and nightly routines for almost two years now), but I also noticed a difference in my skin from the very first time that I used it. It made a huge difference in the brightness of my skin and helped create a more even tone overall. I'm always wary of oils, since I'm prone to acne but this one is super hydrating and doesn't cause breakouts.

Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque

What we like
  • "deep hydration"
  • Heat protection
Something to note
  • May make shower floor slippery

Ortiz says she bought this hair mask over a year ago and is just starting to see the bottom of the container. "Every time I use this and then blow dry my hair, people always say, 'Jill, your hair looks so good today!' and who doesn’t love that?" she says. "It’s super thick, hydrating and I can definitely see a difference in my hair after I use it."

Neova SmartSkincare Cu3 Tissue Repair Cream 

What we like
  • A little goes a long way
  • Moisturizing
Something to note
Nothing to note at this time

"I started using this moisturizer in the winter after getting a laser treatment that left my skin very dry and sensitive so I needed to give it a bit of TLC that wasn’t going to irritate my skin while giving it moisture," shares editor Vivien Moon. "The combination of the laser treatment and the drying New York radiators, I was hoping for any reprieve for my skin and overnight, I felt a tremendous relief when using this moisturizer. Because I loved using it as my skin was recovering, I have since started to reach for it more and more on days when I know my skin is desperate for moisture and I know I will wake up with softer and plumper skin. I will say, a little goes a long way as this is a rich cream that you will feel on your skin but for me, it’s just what my skin needs."

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Universal Daily Peel Pads

What we like
  • Two-minute treatment
  • Also comes in small test size
Something to note
  • Better result with regular use

Shop TODAY editorial director Adrianna Brach calls these "instant gratification in a pad." She adds, "Whenever my skin looks dull or tired, I start using these in my nighttime routine and wake up with glowier skin!"

The two-step daily treatment features exfoliating acids, antioxidants and vitamins to help improve skin tone and texture and diminish fine lines, the brand says.

NuFace Mini Starter Kit

What we like
  • 5-minute sessions
  • Customizable treatment
Something to note
  • Better results with time

After speaking to experts about the many benefits of at-home microcurrent devices, I decided to treat myself to the NuFace Mini — and I'm so glad I did. From the first use, I could see a difference in my skin, it looked tighter and brighter. However, I see the best results when I am being consistent with it, using it almost every day. The nice thing is that the treatment is customizable, so you can see results from just a five-minute session going over your whole face or spend more time on problem areas, like your jawline or around your eyes.

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