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Sorry, but I’m not making any plans that require me to change out of this cozy loungewear set

It checks all my winter wardrobe boxes: comfy, versatile and chic.
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

When it comes to winter fashion trends, 2023 has had its fair share so far: puffer jackets, balletcore and baggy pants to name a few. But my undisputed favorite has to be the matching set. And while the "matching" part takes the difficulty out of putting an outfit together, I wouldn't love the trend half as much if it didn't also involve having the utmost level of comfort. Because I'm a firm believer that an uncomfortable lounge or sweat set is unequivocally fashion sacrilege.

Clearly, I take my winter clothing very seriously. If it's not cozy — and isn't meant for work or occasions where cocktails and fancy food are involved — I don't want it. All that to say, I want — no, need — the two-piece set I'm about to talk about in every single color available.

Anrabess Oversized 2-Piece Sweatsuit

It wasn't a hard decision to pick one up after our Shop TODAY editorial director Adrianna Brach told me she owns one and loves it. When I saw it was also an Amazon bestseller and comes in over 20 colors and a variety of sizes, it became a no-brainer to add to my cart.

It's unbelievably soft

According to the brand, the fabric is made up of 50% rayon, 45% polyester and 5% spandex. Unless you're a material connoisseur, those numbers don't give a clear idea of how this jumpsuit feels on the body. The only way I can think of explaining it is that it reminds me of a scuba suit — but way less restricting and about 10-times softer.

It's marketed as an oversized sweatsuit, which I love, so I opted for my regular size small — and the fit certainly didn't under deliver. I don't think I could find a cozier everyday outfit than this one. In fact, this is the lounge set I'll be wearing Christmas morning, while recovering on New Year's Day, and any day beyond that when I need to transition from work attire to comfy clothes. It's also a great set to wear on daily walks during this unseasonably warm December weather.

Love the half-zip design!
Love the half-zip design!Courtesy Danielle Murphy

I do think this would make an easy and chic outfit to wear out of the house, too, but that largely depends on the color, in my opinion. I chose the navy blue shade, which is lovely, but it's also giving me Reuben Tishkoff of "Ocean's Eleven." If you don't know that reference (I implore you to watch — it's a classic comedy), then maybe just picture your grandfather in a casino with a cigar in his hand. And while that is a relaxed vibe I can get on board with, for my next purchase I'll likely go for a more subtle-yet-colorful hue for a more feminine look. I will also try an XS to achieve a more fitted look that I'd normally choose when going out.

Lastly, I love that I don't have to wear these two pieces together. Recently, I paired the bottoms with a form-fitting bodysuit and platform sneakers and loved the shape I was able to achieve with the tight top and wide-leg pant. I can also see myself throwing on the half-zip over a pair of jeans throughout the rest of the winter season when I need some added warmth. Needless to say, this loungewear set will be getting a lot of use, making it well worth it's (already) affordable price.