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I found the most flattering and comfortable top for every season — and it's under $30

You'll even find me wearing this poolside.
Courtesy Colleen Sullivan

Years ago, I worked at Vogue Magazine with a fashion editor who used to say every woman should own at least one slouchy V-neck top, which is a shirt that fits loosely and freely but looks casual and sexy at the same time. Think: what the ultimate coastal grandmother would wear while pouring a large glass of wine in her beautiful, white beachside kitchen.

But it’s not always easy to find a slouchy shirt that doesn’t look like a bad-fitting T-shirt or a pajama top. Luckily, my friend and New York City-based fashion stylist Desiree Miranda gave me a few suggestions when looking for the perfect loose-fitting tee. “A good one drapes loosely around the waist and hips, often with a front knot. It should have a little structure to it, not too loose in the arms nor should it slip off the shoulders," says Miranda.

Iwollence Waffle Knit Tunic Blouse

At $29, this affordable Iwollence tunic top checks all those boxes. The fabric is a super soft, 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex blend with a honeycomb design that features indents on the surface. You’ve probably seen this type of material (also known as a waffle weave) on bathrobes, dish towels and thermal long johns. While the fabric feels thin, I found that the small dimples actually help trap heat and absorb moisture, making this shirt perfect to wear all year long.

In terms of design, this slouchy shirt has two key features: a classic tie-front knot and a low piece of fabric that hangs over the backside for anyone who wants more coverage.

When styling, Miranda suggests slipping a camisole underneath this thin sweater. “So you can preserve the fabric by not having to wash your sweater wear after wear," she says. "The batwing sleeve detail flatters all body types and looks great paired with denim shorts and sneakers for a casual errands look."

It's extremely versatile

My favorite use for this shirt is to wear it as a bathing suit coverup. I love how quickly the material dries in the sun, how it looks great whether you wear it over a one-piece or bikini, and how the longer backside makes wearing a bathing suit more acceptable while grabbing lunch after a day at the beach or pool. I could also see that nursing moms would be fans of this shirt, as the loose fabric and easy-to-access buttons are ideal for breastfeeding.

While the shirt has over 25,000 five-star Amazon ratings, there are a few things to note. The manufacturer says it runs true to size, but the XS I ordered felt a bit large, so I suggest sizing down if you're not looking for an oversized fit. The cleaning tag says to hang it dry, so it is possible that it could shrink in the dryer. The colors can also be slightly off, I ordered the oatmeal shade, but the hue is more pink-apricot than ecru. Some reviewers mentioned the red arrived more maroon, and the blue-gray looked closer to teal-green. My color came with gold buttons, which I found distracted from the shirt’s soft hue. But thanks to Amazon's Prime member benefit "Try Before You Buy," you can test out which color and size works best for you, which is another reason to add this top to your cart.