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This Prime Day deal doesn't suck: Get 47% off this popular robot vacuum

One reviewer said it's "super easy to use."
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Let's face it — nobody likes vacuuming. That's probably why robotic vacuums are becoming more popular than ever, and Amazon currently has a deal on a top-rated model with rave reviews. And this isn't just any deal — you can save over $130 during Amazon Prime Day 2021.

During Prime Day, a two-day shopping event created by Amazon, shoppers can save big on some of the most popular vacuum brands. But the discount on this Ecovacs Deebot 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one to take advantage of while you still can — you can save 47% off right now, bringing the price down to just $148.

Best Prime Day robot vacuum deal

ECOVACS DEEBOT 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The device uses three brushes that are meant to keep your floors spotless. Use the Automatic Mode to let it take care of the entire floor, or work on a more targeted area with Spot Mode. If you want to tackle those hard-to-reach corners, try Edge Mode. For those really sticky situations, try the Max Mode — which is designed to have double the suction power.

You can also use the accompanying smartphone app to directly control the vacuum's path, schedule its cleaning routine, or change the cleaning mode — even while you're not home.

You can schedule cleaning hours with your smartphone.
You can schedule cleaning hours with your smartphone.Amazon

The vacuum currently has over 900 verified five-star reviews, with many customers pointing out its simple operation as a major advantage.

"It was super easy to set up and the instructions are clear and easy to follow," one verified reviewer wrote. "The vacuum has good suction, is super easy to use, and is quieter than other vacuums. It does a good job at avoiding obstacles. When it does get stuck on something, it beeps so you know to go check on it."

Other reviewers wrote that it might just be better than a traditional vacuum when it comes to cleaning under furniture.

"It rarely gets stuck, it cleans better than I do under furniture and around the corners," one verified reviewer wrote. "It's much gentler and more thorough than I would be while pushing a regular vacuum. I don't worry about it banging up my furniture or my baseboards at all."

"I was surprised by how quiet and efficient this is!" another verified reviewer wrote. "My dog, a rescue that is terrified of vacuums, doesn’t mind this running near her. And I couldn’t believe the pet hair, carpet fuzz, and even glitter this picked up!"

If you're looking to decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning your floors, this bestselling robotic vacuum might do the trick.

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