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Grilled Skirt Steak Tacos with Salsa Verde


Chef notes

A spicy, smoky marinade takes this skirt steak to the peak of flavor perfection. But it's the bright and briny salsa verde that takes these tacos over the top.

Technique tip: Store the salsa verde with plastic wrap touching the surface to slow oxidation.


  • 1 tablespoon pureed chipotles in adobo
  • 1 tablespoon packed brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 3 limes, 1 juiced and 2 cut into slices (for serving)
  • 2 pounds skirt steak, trimmed of silverskin
  • 12 corn tortillas
  • 1 bunch cilantro, lightly chopped
  • 1 jalapeño, thinly sliced
Salsa Verde (makes 1 quart)
  • 2 medium shallots, finely chopped (6 tablespoons)
  • 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped (2 tablespoons)
  • 1 jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped (2 tablespoons)
  • 4 tablespoons capers, roughly chopped
  • 1 (2-ounce) can anchovies, roughly chopped (2 tablespoons)
  • 5 bunches (about 7 ounces) parsley, picked of large stems and chopped
  • 3 lemons, zested and 2 juiced (6 tablespoons of juice)
  • cups olive oil


For the steak:


In a small bowl, combine chipotle puree, brown sugar, coriander, cumin, salt and lime juice.


Pat the trimmed skirt steak dry with a paper towel, place in a plastic bag with the above marinade. Allow to sit for 1 to 2 hours. Remove meat from the bag and discard the marinade.


Prepare the grill and light the coals.


Place the steak on the grill and cook to medium-rare, approximately 3 minutes per side.


Transfer steak to a cutting board and let rest for 5 minutes. Thinly slice the meat against the grain.

For the salsa verde:

Add the shallots, garlic, jalapeño, capers and anchovy to a blender or food processor with a pinch of salt and pulse until very finely chopped. Pour into a mixing bowl.

Finely chop the parsley by hand and add to the mixing bowl along with the remaining ingredients. Mix to combine.

To serve:

Serve the sliced steak with warm tortillas, cilantro, jalapeños, lime wedges and salsa verde.