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Ghosties on the side

Makes approx. 36 cupcakes Servings
Makes approx. 36 cupcakes Servings


Baking Directions:

Make three round, graduated balls from rolled fondant.

The first should be smaller for the head, the second larger for the body.

Third ball should be slightly smaller than the head, and cut in half for the wispy arms (this makes each equal size).

Stretch each ball into comma shapes.

Press a sharpened chopstick into the head making holes for the eyes and mouth.

Color eye sockets charcoal black.

Color mouth cotton candy.

Brush body parts with super pearl luster and edible sparkle.

Using a water-dampened brush for glue, attach the body parts together at the neck and armholes.

Set aside to dry for 24-hours before moving.


Check frequently in the last half of the cooking time during your first bake to make sure your oven is cooking accurately.

This does not mean opening the door every minute or your cupcakes will not bake at all.

If a cloud of steam hits you in the face when you open the oven door that is a very good sign that the bake is cooked.

Cooking too hot or browning too fast?

Lower the temperature and tent with a sheet of aluminum foil.

Half-way through the cook time rotate the pans.

I prefer to weigh all of my raw batters in whatever container, no matter whether it is cupcakes or celebration cakes for uniformity and economic accuracy.