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Amy Schumer shows off son Gene's new skill on TODAY

The toddler has acquired a brand-new skill, and it's quite adorable.
Baby Gene showed off his new skill on TODAY.
Baby Gene showed off his new skill on TODAY.TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Amy Schumer's son recently mastered a new skill, and it just might come in handy the next time the family heads to the airport.

The comedian appeared by video Tuesday on TODAY to give viewers an exclusive first look at her Hellmann's mayonnaise Super Bowl commercial and also shared an update on baby Gene, who turns 2 in May.

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After TODAY co-anchor Savannah Guthrie called Gene a "hall of fame cute baby" and asked Schumer to reveal what his latest "tricks" are, the proud mom happily obliged.

"He's doing really big things right now. He's standing on one leg, and he's pretty proud about that," she said.

The 39-year-old then got a bit animated when she began to reveal one of the toddler's other skills.

"This is the most exciting thing, I should tell Chris to bring him in. Wait, I'll just tell Chris to bring him in because it's pretty funny," she said.

Schumer then proceeded to text her husband, Chris Fischer, and asked him to bring their son in to join the interview.

"He can hail a taxi. You don't believe me, right? But he can," she said. "He can't speak yet. ... He only says a couple words. But that guy, if you need a taxi, he can hail you one."

Soon enough, Fischer brought baby Gene into the room, and Schumer prompted her son by saying, "Genie, can you hail a taxi? How do you get a taxi?'"

The toddler instantly perked up, smiled and raised his arm high up into the air.

The proud mom praised her son and said, "That's right!"

TODAY's Carson Daly interjected and said, "Do it again, Gene. We need another cab. There's too many of us." Al Roker then asked: "Can he call an Uber?"

Schumer tried to get the toddler to perform his trick once again, but he played coy the second time around.

"He's not doing it again. He's like me, he doesn't like to do things on demand," she joked.

Gene got a bit fussy at this point, and as her son approached his father, Schumer attempted to soothe the little one using her signature humor.

"I know. Mommy's promoting so you can go to college," she joked.

Schumer might be starring in a big Super Bowl commercial, but as it turns out, she's not much of a football fan. When asked which team she's betting on this year, she jokingly replied, "God, I assume you're talking about 'The Bachelor.' I like all the crazy ones."

Then she got serious and said she doesn't know all that much about the sport.

"I have no idea. Actually, when they told me I was going to be in, they were like, 'You're the third commercial break in the second quarter.' I was like, 'I have no idea how many quarters or halves or what there are in football.' I feel pretty bad about it," she said.