Stories, advice, and tips that will help every new parent raise their toddler
Lauren Eberspacher

The choice to get in

"Here's the thing, mamas. Our kids are only this little for this short amount of time."

Today, I cried

"I sat at top of the staircase, covered my face and cried."

You do you, Shirley in frozen foods

"Triplets are not something you see every day, but good lord, it’s not like you just witnessed the real Tupac at a gas station buying Cheetos."

Finding supermom

"I found supermom — that elusive goddess, the doer of all the things. But she wasn’t where I thought she’d be."

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Stay at home mom depression

"How dare you complain after being gifted this opportunity to stay at home and raise your own kids?"


I've learned to roll with it

"Whether the 'here' is in a messy car or our cozy house, or the 'now' is snuggly toddlerhood or stinky tweendom...I am present and enjoying the ride."


My baby, I hope I loved you enough today

"I want you to know; no, I need you to know that each and every day you are loved. I will spend every day this life gives me, showing you. Reminding you."

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