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The change hurts my heart

"Sometimes hurt comes when you feel so much love and gratitude for what is that you want to stay in one present second forever, but you know you can’t."

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I'm the dad with the butterfly tattoo

My son Jackson was born with Down syndrome. He's an unbelievable blessing, but when he was first diagnosed, I was terrified.

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Dance like your preschooler

"I want to be able to dance like my preschooler. To have zero inhibitions, zero cares in the world. To jump around and laugh like my life depends on it."

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I'm not the best mom

"But my gosh, I love them more life itself. I would walk through fire, swim the oceans, breathe my last breath for them."

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To my son: It's OK to be a Mama's boy

"Everyone refers to you as a mama's boy, as if it's a negative thing. They laugh and joke and make comments here and there about how soft I am making you."...

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