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Amy Schumer's son, Gene, makes his TODAY debut — and he's the cutest!

The comedian and her husband, Chris Fischer, stopped by to talk about their new Food Network show and to show off their son, Gene.
/ Source: TODAY

Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer are set to kick off their new self-filmed cooking show on the Food Network Monday night, and when the pair paid a virtual visit to TODAY ahead of the premiere, they even brought along a co-star.

Their sweet son, Gene David Fischer, made his TODAY debut!

Gene made his first appearance on TODAY, and he made everyone smile.TODAY

“Here’s the little guy!” Schumer raved as she gave her smiling boy a few kisses. The proud mom then joked, “Be cute! Be cuter! Just get cute for this one interview.”

As anchor Savannah Guthrie pointed out, it just wasn’t possible for the toddler, who turned 1 last week, to be any more adorable. From his tousled blond hair to his rosy cheeks to his big, beaming smile, Gene completely maxed out the cute meter.

Viewers will get a closer look at Gene (and his nanny) when “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook” airs, but according to his parents, he’s so much more than just a to-be TV talent. This kid can do a lot.

“He’s clapping. He can walk around,” the comedian boasted. “Yesterday he was collecting pine cones and, I’ll say it, he was hoarding them.”

Schumer just celebrated her second Mother’s Day since welcoming Gene into the world, and she described it as “really peaceful.”

Well, sort of.

“Chris did a great job,” she said of her chef husband. “He got up and he made pancakes, which meant … that was such a nice thought. But that means that I'm with the baby while he’s making pancakes, and then I have to feed the baby. So, I eventually ate a pancake I think at, like, noon.”

Still, the 38-year-old treasured the day — as she does many days lately.

“It’s just sweet to get to be together right now, more than we would normally be,” she said of her family’s time in quarantine.

It’s a sentiment Fischer shared, though he noted, “It’s been pretty much the same as it always is. We’re homebodies.”

See the homebodies and their baby boy on the Food Network for the premiere episode of the family's new show Monday at 10 p.m. ET.