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So you want to be an NBC page. Here's what you need to know

Learn all about the program from someone who's living it.
/ Source: TODAY

When I first heard about NBCUniversal's page program, I had no idea what a page was. I was wrapping up my bachelor's and knew that I wanted an opportunity for career development.

I had already built a love for the NBC brand during various past internships, and knew that I wanted to pursue my passion for entertainment in the media industry.

After submitting my application to become a page, I was admitted into the program in January. I began my journey as a page in ad sales; in my first assignment, I was able to collaborate with luxury brands and clients on advertising campaigns.

Kristen Schaal as Hazel and Jack McBrayer as Kenneth Parcell in "30 Rock."
"30 Rock" highlighted NBCUniversal's page program to hilarious effect.Ali Goldstein / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

I then ventured off into the world of affiliate marketing for my second rotation. I was able to experience TODAY shoots, gain production experience and brainstorm and pitch ideas for marketing activations.

I ended up with TODAY Digital for my third and final rotation. I’ve had the chance to pitch and write stories and create newsletters that are sent out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

NBC pages pose outside of 30 Rock
I knew the program provided opportunities to build my professional network and work for various parts of the NBC business, but I never would have been able to predict the family I would gain during this past year. Talya Ozbelli

During my time in the program, I've developed various skills that I wasn’t necessarily confident with previously. They include public speaking and presentation skills, fostered through the NBC studio tours, but also interpersonal communication skills.

Annie Sizemore, the East Coast page program manager, tells that one of her favorite parts of the job is “watching people come in with that twinkle in their eyes and really excited to learn and show us their true passions and colors.”

Read on to learn more about the page program and how to apply.

What’s an NBC page?

An NBCUniversal page is an ambassador of the NBCUniversal brand. Pages are typically immersed in a 12-month-long rotational program that spreads across multiple NBC departments that include public relations, marketing, production and ad sales, to name a few.

Pages also support audience services for live studio productions, including "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," "Late Night with Seth Meyers," "The Kelly Clarkson Show" and "Saturday Night Live."

By contributing to several areas of the business, pages are exposed to NBCUniversal's extensive portfolio and become fully absorbed in the company's culture.

Throughout the year, pages can typically anticipate being assigned to three rotating four-month assignments in various corporate departments to gain a full understanding of the media industry.  

New York pages are also expected to support the NBC studio tour, which provides visitors with a behind-the-scenes peek at how shows are produced at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Various other ambassadorship responsibilities are expected of pages on top of their assignment rotations.

Priany Hadiatmodjo, the director of the NBCU page program, says the program requires people who want to become a part of a community and want to represent the company beyond individual career goals.

Where is the program based?

The NBCUniversal page program is based in two locations: New York City on the East Coast and Universal City, California, on the West Coast.

NBCUniversal's corporate headquarters are located on the East Coast, where it handles assignments related to news, corporate functions, ad sales, late night, Peacock and other areas.

The West Coast is home to the company's businesses related to film, television programming and more. Assignment possibilities in public relations, marketing, communications and other fields are available on both coasts. 

A page applicant can only choose one coast to apply to.

What are the types of jobs (rotations)?

Pages are able to take on various jobs (rotations) throughout their year. Some of the roles involve marketing, business, production and development, ad sales and digital.

Some specific brands that pages are a part of include Peacock, TODAY, MSNBC, WNBC, Bravo, E!, CNBC, Focus Features, NBC News, Syfy and USA.

At TODAY, pages have the opportunity to apply for a number of positions that include working with the social media team, working in the green room with high-profile guests, and collaborating with the editorial team to pitch and write stories.

For roles at Peacock, pages have the chance to engage in social media work, but can focus on consumer marketing and help support movie screening events.

For someone who may be more analytical, there are various roles that support commerce analytics teams for TODAY and NBC News platforms. There are also opportunities to support more corporate-facing roles such as working with the diversity, equity and inclusion department.

It's important to note that pages do not select the exact rotations they are assigned to. Pages' prior experience and skill set are always taken into consideration when first assignments are distributed. However, pages participate in a collaborative process when they are matched for their second and third assignments. While some pages may show interest in particular NBC brands, there is no guarantee of a specific assignment. 

How you can apply

Candidates can apply to the page program by monitoring NBCUniversal's career page and the program's Instagram account for specific dates on when the application process opens. There are three different cohorts, or classes, that are hired in both New York and Los Angeles each year, for the spring, summer and fall.

Katie Blum, the coordinator of the East Coast page program, tells "we hire in a cohort because we're not looking for one unique experience."

She continues, "We're looking for a lot of different experiences. So if you're ready to work as a team, be a leader, but also want to learn, that's something that we always look for."

There are three steps for the application process. In my personal experience, the first includes submitting a refined one-page resume that outlines your past experience in a clear and cohesive way.

In addition to submitting your resume, applicants will also have to submit a personal statement.

After that, candidates will be selected to conduct a prerecorded video interview and answer a series of questions without a physical interviewer present.

If you make it past these stages, you will then be asked to participate in a virtual panel interview with other prospective candidates, in addition to multiple members of the page team.

Candidates will have the opportunity during their panel to speak one-on-one with a member of the page team for a personal interview.

Hannah Baalbaki, a specialist for the NBC page program, tells that "a lot of people don't know what they want to do in the program."

"But if you do know what you want to do, share that, because I feel like during panels I want to make sure it's a two-way interview process," she continues.

"We want you to be right for the program, but we want the program to be right for you."

Hadiatmodjo states that the team is “open to candidates with lots of different types of skills and experiences. What’s important is being able to articulate how those things you bring to the table would translate as a page.”

Some basic requirements of the program include a bachelor’s degree obtained before the start date of the program, and for New York pages the ability to work six days a week as needed to support various tasks such as audience services and tours.

NBCU pages receive an hourly wage of $20 per hour and are eligible for overtime pay. Pages are also eligible for paid time off, paid company holidays, a health and wellness benefits plan, and a stipend upon starting the program.