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What the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces means for you

Here's how each sign can harness the energy of April 12's once-in-a-lifetime astrological event, according to an astrologer.
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April 12, 2022 is a Tuesday — and it also happens to be a once-in-a-lifetime astrological occasion. On that day, the planets Jupiter and Neptune will meet up in the sign of Pisces.

These particular planets align every 13 years. Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to go around the Sun, spending about a year in each sign of the zodiac. Neptune spends about 14 years in each sign, which means it takes 165 years to transit the whole zodiac.

The last time these two planets met in Pisces was 1856, and the next time will be in 2188 — and there’s a reason astrologers are dwelling on their movement into this particular sign.

Here's what you need to know about the cosmic event, and how best to harness its energies.

The significance of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, according to astrologers

Both Jupiter and Neptune are “dignified,” or at home, in the dreamy water sign of Pisces. Expansive, lucky, optimistic Jupiter calls Pisces its home planet. Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces as well. 

Two planets that are in superb placements — as Neptune and Jupiter will be on April 12 — can create magic when they’re together, and that may well happen.

This planetary rendezvous will spark a surge of creativity, making us want to make tangible the visions in our head. We'll yearn to plant the seeds for the next part of our lives. We may open up our intuitive sides, marveling at our connection to the world's mysteries.

April 12, essentially, is a cosmic event meant to open our hearts and connect us to our another. Amid this change, trust your gut’s guidance. Intuitive powers are to be heightened during this time. 

This is a prime time for manifestation 

Given all the energy in the sky, April 12 is an opportune time to concentrate on making your dreams a reality through manifestation.

Never manifested before? It's is not as daunting as it may seem. Think of it as the practice of identifying what you want, and believing it’s possible.

Manifestation can work across areas of life, from deepening relationships; attracting love connections; changing professional opportunities; working on creative projects; or simply trying out a new mindset. 

While there are no rules for manifesting, here are a few tips for first-timers.

  • Begin by identifying what you want. Journal about your intentions and aspirations.
  • Then, spend time visualizing these things coming to fruition, either through meditation or creating a vision board.
  • Feel free to incorporate a verbal component, too. As you walk, say affirmations, and give thanks for things that haven't happened yet — but that you hope will.
  • As you go through these motions, believe what you’re saying and what you’re seeing are possible. 

Of course, manifestation only happens with follow-through. If you’re seeking a new job, then actively look for positions. If you’re hoping for love, then create an online dating profile, or ask your friends if they know anyone single.

Manifestation requires shifting your mindset, and then actively moving toward your goals.

Manifestation rituals to try on April 12, by sign

If you're looking to incorporate manifestation into your routine, here are techniques for each zodiac sign to deploy on April 12.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

On April 12, put out the energy that you want to receive. This means leaning into your higher self by spreading joy and words of love, and releasing grudges. You might find that you get what you give.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Embrace your creative side by making a vision board. Paste inspiring photos and quotes on a piece of cardboard or poster board. Think of it as a motivational art project. Have fun and lose yourself in the act of dreaming. The vision board will remind you of what brings you joy.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Gemini is ruled the chatty planet of Mercury. On April 12, speak your vision into a reality. Your voice has power, as you know, which is why declaring positive affirmations while gazing at yourself in the mirror can be impactful. When you speak your words, believe them.


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

It’s time for you to dream a little dream, Cancer. Don’t ignore your daydreams. Instead, lean into them more than ever. Pay extra attention to what your fantasies are now. This is what your spirit want to bring into the universe.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Journaling is an effective way to keep track of where you are, and where you want to go. Write down a detailed description of what you want to bring into your life. Once you achieve what you want, you can look back on this piece of paper as evidence.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Virgos are known to be patient, so you may find satisfaction in a symbol that represents working toward goals over time. This ritual lets you do that — and get your hands dirty. Write down your intentions on a cheesecloth. Affix the cloth onto the roots of a potted plant or in the soil. You’ll give the plants and your visions love, light, and attention to see them blossom in reality. 


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Before doing anything, Libra, Create a sense of balance. Find a guided meditation or play some calming instrumental music to create an atmosphere of peace. For you, serenity is the first step to dreaming big.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Be mindful of the colors you surround yourself with on April 12. Gravitate toward the color pinks to bring bring romance and excitement into your life. It doesn't have to be clothes, either — lipstick, socks, or even an iPhone case can work.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Try out a ritual that represents igniting the fire within. First, write your intentions down on a piece of paper. Then place the paper under a bowl of water, and place a candle (ideally, purple) in the bowl. Meditate on your desires while lighting the candle. Think of the flame as your inner spark, making things happen.


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

Slowing down from your daily routine on April 12 will be restorative. Connect with yourself and turn off the outside noise. Put your phone on silent mode, take a healing bath after work, and ignore late night emails. Relaxation is key.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

What does security mean to you? You may feel the urge to manifest a new, more stable foundation, Aquarius. If so, try this ritual. In addition to manifesting, sleep with a bay leaf under your bed. Bay leaves are believed to attract prosperity — but really, a ritual like this is meant to help you believe in yourself.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Try a resetting and renewing ritual during this transit. Cut a lemon in half. Then, pour Epsom salt on one half of the lemon, and bring it into the shower, allowing the citrus vapors to mix with the steam. Another option? Take a long, hot bath, and emerge reinvigorated.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.