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Rebel Wilson details the small changes she's used to maintain 70-pound weight loss

Rebel Wilson opened up about maintaining her weight loss, her fertility journey and advice for starting your own "Year of Health."
Rebel Wilson inspired fans in 2020 when she documented her "Year of Health" on social media.
Rebel Wilson inspired fans in 2020 when she documented her "Year of Health" on social media.Courtesy Patrick MacLeod
/ Source: TODAY

During her "Year of Health," actor Rebel Wilson lost 77 pounds and hit her goal weight. Now, the "Pitch Perfect" star is opening up about how she's maintaining her weight loss and other healthy habits.

While visiting New York City, Wilson told TODAY Health about her newfound love for exercise and the small changes she's made to stay on track. After leading a walk through Central Park, the actor said that leisurely walking was one of her favorite ways to work out.

"It's just about keeping your body moving and keeping the blood pumping," Wilson explained. "I feel like sometimes people think you need to work your body really hard to get results, and yeah, if you were training to be the next Thor or something you would be doing hardcore things, but as a regular person, walking is just so healthy for you. The body is designed to move in that way."

Earlier this week, Wilson led a walk through Central Park on behalf of the vitamin and supplement brand Olly.
Earlier this week, Wilson led a walk through Central Park on behalf of the vitamin and supplement brand Olly.Courtesy Patrick MacLeod

While her "Year of Health" included stops at an exclusive resort in Austria and an emphasis on emotional and mental health, Wilson said that she's found walking to be both enjoyable and easy to incorporate into daily life.

"When I go for a walk, I can put in a podcast or listen to music, and it's so easy to do anywhere in the world," Wilson said. "I can just go out and do it. It's become my favorite form of exercise right now."

Wilson said that with her busy schedule — she recently worked on two movies back-to-back — it's important for her to have habits that she can maintain anywhere in the world. She said that she was worried she would slip back into unhealthy eating habits while working on the films.

"It's actually been stressing me out a little bit ... I was like 'Oh God, what if I go back to my old habits of eating a whole pint of ice cream because I'm stressed?'" Wilson said. "Or reach for the sugar, because that's what I do when I'm tired and stressed."

However, because of how thorough her "Year of Health" was, Wilson said that she didn't "gain back any of the weight" she lost in 2020, and has even lost "a few extra pounds" in 2021.

"It is weird, because I haven't been trying to, it's just that the lifestyle habits that I did last year have kind of become ingrained," Wilson said. "So it's good. I think I'm a little bit shocked, because I was worried. I think everybody who's struggled with their weight has at times (felt like that) ... I've managed to maintain that for almost a year. It's just all those lifestyle habits changing."

In addition to continuing to eat well and exercise, Wilson said that she's leaned on self-care rituals like massages and facials to help her stay on track. She also works to get eight hours of sleep each night, no matter how busy her schedule is, and has even replaced her afternoon snack with a dose of vitamins.

"When I'm filming, at about 3 p.m., I would go and take all my Olly vitamins and stuff," said Wilson, who is an influencer for the gummy vitamin brand. "It felt like a treat, because they're so yummy ... They're not candy, but they (remind me) of the Haribo gummy bears I used to eat and they actually have things that are good for me."

Wilson added that the maintenance process has been complicated by her ongoing fertility journey: She has been undergoing egg retrieval processes to freeze her eggs, including one procedure over the weekend, and the hormones of the process have an impact on her physical and mental state.

"I'm still trying," Wilson said. "Women have that biological ticking clock, that's very powerful. But it's hard when you're a working woman to fit it in. But I'm trying to get some more options for that end. I don't know how it's going to end up, with that process, but I'm just trying it out. It's a high priority."

However, that hope to be a mother has all inspired her to stay healthy.

"The healthier I am, the more chances I'll have (of having kids)," Wilson explained. "Thinking of potential future children to be healthy (for) is an extra motivation."

Wilson also shared some advice for anyone looking to start their own "Year of Health," noting that it's "never too late to start" improving your habits and mindset.

"Some people go 'I'm old, I don't need to look good for anybody,' or 'I'm married,' or whatever," Wilson said. "And I think what the pandemic taught us all is that health is so important. Your health is your world. It doesn't matter how much money you've got, if you've got terrible health, you can't enjoy anything and if you're healthy, you can live life to the fullest."

The actor also said that there's no need to add a specific weight-loss or exercise goal. Instead, just commit to being a "healthier version" of yourself in the coming months.

"Just give it a go," Wilson said. "Don't beat yourself up if in the past you were unhealthy, because I definitely was engaging in unhealthy habits like eating junk food and sugar all the time. But it doesn't do any benefit to beat yourself up. It's more about going 'OK, I'm going to do this for me.' ... Try things throughout the year, different lifestyle habits that are positive and healthy, and see what results you get. Any steps that you take towards having better health is a plus."