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TODAY anchors welcome back Hoda with all her favorite recipes

Carson even makes his famous, "magical," hangover-curing bloody mary.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef Elizabeth Heiskell of the Debutante Farmer is helping Carson Daly and the rest of the anchors throw a party for Hoda Kotb who is coming back to the show from maternity leave. They're cooking up some of Hoda's favorite dishes to celebrate her return: fried fish and chips, a BLT salad, bloody marys and key lime pie.

Southern-Style Fish and Chips

Catfish were readily abundant in the antebellum South and, due to their status as "bottom feeders," weren't deemed the most stylish dinner staples. Once the South's seafood secret, mild-flavored catfish has gained popularity nation-wide. Simply soak the catfish in milk for an hour before frying to eliminate any leftover fishy taste. The cornmeal crust creates a perfect light and crispy texture.

Carson Daly's BLT Salad

This recipe is a great transition to fall while still using some of summer's greatest produce. Its easy to prepare and requires little work to make an amazing dish for a party. Besides, who doesn't love a BLT?!

Easy Key Lime Pie

This classic key lime pie cuts right to the chase. Its straightforward tartness is front and center while the creamy sweetness supports the citrusy flavor. It's perfectly simple and delicious.

"You have no idea how coveted this recipe is," says Siri Daly. "This particular bloody mary might be more famous than Carson (sorry, husband). He has all of these ingredients stocked at home, in his dressing room at the TODAY show, in his trailer at 'The Voice,' in a Mary Poppins-style handbag (OK, that is fake news). The fact is, this bloody mary is a highly requested beverage wherever he goes, and he has perfected it."

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