TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Navy investigates new sexual harassment charges

A high-ranking Navy captain, the former commander of the famed Blue Angels, was relieved of duty last week after allegations that the team of pilots at the center of sexual harassment and hazing. NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports.

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>>> we are learning more now about why a high ranking navy captain, former command eer of the famed blue angels flight team was relieved of duty last week. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon.

>> reporter: the blue angels are supposed to be the navy's top guns but a navy investigation is looking into allegations one of its former commanders encouraged a boys will be boys culture of sexually explicit antics and lewd behavior, putting a black mark on the blue angels . captain gregory mcquarter is a top gun graduate of the navy's fighter weapon school who commanded the blue angels for four years. mcquarter is now being investigated for allegedly allowing and encouraging lewd speech, inappropriate comments, and sexually explicit humor among the blue angels . there are also allegations that pornographic pictures were shared at the office and on the internet. the navy appeared to move swiftly after a former member of the blue angels filed a complaint last month with a navy inspector general, claiming the elite team of pilots was a hotbed of hazing sexual harassment and discrimination. the case is the latest involving a u.s. military commander investigated for sexual harassment and comes at a time when krcritics have accused the military of not doing enough to address sex crimes and harassment targeting women. while serious, the allegations do not include any charges of any kind of sexual assault . captain mcquarter in the meantime has been relieved of his duties at the navy base in coronado, california pending the investigation. the blue angels air shows in the meantime will continue on schedule. natalie and matt?

>> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thanks so much.