TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Joan Rivers: ‘I wanted to do a porn tape’

Comedian Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa join TODAY to chat about their reality show, “Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” and some of the scandalous items on Joan’s bucket list.

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>>> it's hard to imagine there's anything joan rivers hasn't done, but upon turning 80, she decided to create a bucket list , and it's taking the whole term to a whole new level.

>> we'll get into that in just a minute. one thing she can take off the list, driving her daughter melissa absolutely nuts. while living together under one roof, joan and melissa , joan knows best, question mark ? joan and melissa , great to see you.

>> good morning.

>> joan , you were just complaining when you were on the couch a few minutes ago that there's not enough business being done on saturday nights for your show. we're here to drum that up.

>> thank you very much.

>> what is it like living under the same roof as your daughter? why would you two do this?

>> four years later, you're like. everyone's going --

>> but still in the same stupid little room . those women in the basement in cleveland had more space. it is just the worst.

>> you just lost al completely.

>> too soon?

>> you be the judge. was that why you were knocking the wall down?

>> there's no room.

>> it never intended to be a residence downstairs. it's my guest room. in the guest room, it's got the en suite bathroom.

>> for three days, it's nice. for four years, not so much. i agree with you.

>> i was trying to get out of the house and not have her feel guilty.

>> they have a door.

>> how can you throw your 80-year-old mother out of the house?

>> that would be shameful.

>> i get the sense watching you two -- i mean, you guys work together. you live together. does it ever get to be a little too much?

>> yes.

>> yes.

>> yes.

>> there's therapy.

>> it does get to be too much, but --

>> it's mother-daughter. it's a real mother-daughter relationship.

>> and i try and respect certain boundaries. she does not.

>> and we have cooper.

>> cooper is the glue that keeps it together. he is adorable.

>> thank you.

>> so down to earth.

>> look how big he's gotten.

>> he's a teenager now.

>> he's a teenager.

>> he is 13.

>> and we live in malibu and it's so hard. you know, like to chastise or to punish, like that's it, you go outside for that and you wash the limo. you're in malibu. what do you say to him?

>> he's very grounded. he's a very good kid. and i honestly have to say -- i know this sounds bizarre, i'm raising him a lot how my parents raised me, which is -- well, i'm trying to breed the insanity out generation by generation.

>> how's that going?

>> slowly. slowly.

>> looks like you're doing okay.

>> don't want to repeat the same patte patterns.

>> also, a little fear doesn't get hurt. if he doesn't get as, he knows he has to wax grandma's back.

>> oh!

>> exactly.

>> wow. enjoy your cheerios.

>> super.

>> what about this magic act?

>> we did for charity -- i started out as a magician's assistant. we've all started in such funny places. and so we did a magic act and i actually sawed her in half.

>> no, you didn't, you shrunk me.

>> i shrunk you.

>> you trusted her to do this, melissa ?

>> no. but my mother is a very persuasive woman. and anyone -- sometimes you do something just to not have to listen to your parent.

>> yeah.

>> but it was for charity.

>> that's good.

>> now, tell me about this bucket list , which is not what it's really called.

>> no. there's an f in front of it. you reach a certain age where you say, i'm going to do what i'm going to do. as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, i'm going to do what i want to do. and i wanted to do a porn tape --

>> it hurts me --

>> a porn tape.

>> spank your spanx. it's coming out on dvd very soon.

>> oh, you've already shot it.

>> ted and alice, jim and anna.

>> wow.

>> whoo!

>> so you can catch joan and melissa -- " joan knows best" saturday nights on we tv.

>> if that doesn't get you to watch, i don't know what will.

>> trying to breed the insanity out of the gene pool .

>> there you go.

>>> coming up next, i'm going to get you all caught up on the news you need before you start your