TODAY   |  April 21, 2014

Royal family spends Easter at zoo

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports from the Orange Room on the royal family’s trip overseas to Australia and visit to a zoo, where Prince George met a rabbit bearing his name.

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>>> prominent families in the world celebrating a b-day. whose b-day? dylan 's in the orange room with more. dylan ?

>> b-day short for birthday, of course.

>> thank you.

>> come on, dylan . you need to explain that?

>> other possibilities.

>> are you serious?

>> many things come to mind.

>> there are some -- you know, you might get confused. anyway, we showed you this before the break. maybe the hair was a dead giveaway. it is queen elizabeth turning 88 years old today. this is her new portrait that was just released over the weekend. and this is very appropriate because it is a means of showing you more of the beautiful royal family . they're actually finishing up their tour down under. their three-week tour. it's prince william and princess kate and ever adorable prince george . it is the first time they are bringing him overseas. on easter sunday, they actually went to the sydney zoo , and the zoo itself live tweeted the whole thing. it was absolutely adorable. you can see prince george just being a kid, just doing what he does. this is actually a bilbe on the ground here. obviously more interested in whatever is in that bowl than prince george . but his name is george. he is actually named after prince george and they're getting a good moment with that. and this is just precious. just any reason to show, you know, prince william with prince george . it is a touching moment. and the pictures continued again. they leave tweeted the whole thing. people were following all day on easter sunday as they went through the zoo. we just keep eating up this family. it is absolutely beautiful to see them all together, guys.