TODAY   |  April 08, 2014

Greg Kinnear: 5-year-old co-star is ‘very good’

Actor Greg Kinnear and 5-year-old Connor Corum, a newcomer to acting, play the lead characters in the film “Heaven Is For Real,” which tells the story of a young boy who says he went to heaven after suffering a burst appendix. Kinnear says he bonded with his young co-star by playing baseball and soccer before shooting the film.

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in your mouth, while you kick up your feet and forget everything you thought about caramel. like a throwback to the past, yet totally new. and that's new lancaster.

>>> we're back on this tuesday. the best selling book "heaven is for real" tells the story of a 4-year-old boy who under went surgery and later describes to his parents a trip to heaven.

>> how about boys night out? we go get some pizza.

>> what's wrong?

>> some people over at the hospital.

>> i'll go with you.

>> you going to go with me?

>> i don't know if that is such a good idea. it might be sad or scary.

>> that's all right. if i'm with you i won't be afraid.

>> can't even.

>> welcome.

>> well done.

>> you were what? 4 years old?

>> no. 5.

>> but it was a national search for little colten.

>> yeah.

>> just watching the clip, the bond between you guys, greg, is that something that came quickly right when you guys met?

>> it was a lot of baseball. we started with baseball. we started playing a little baseball and soccer. he was a little better than me.

>> yeah.

>> kind of set the stage about who was going to be gobbling up the screen time, right?

>> when he is on screen they don't see you.

>> it is a disappearing act .

>> i saw the film a couple of months ago. i am always a little nervous about faith-based movies because they don't often have the production value that one would wish for. this does. this is a paramount movie.

>> sony.

>> sony, like i said. you play a pastor who is multi-layered, not just preaching. you are a real human being .

>> the actual todd, i think that was one of the things that i kind of -- it kind of grabbed me that he wasn't just a pastor man of the cloth who is usually very reverently represented in movies. here is a guy who is a volunteer firefighter , wrestling coach. he repairs garage doors. he is a composite of a lot of different things. he is a preacher but he wore a lot of hats and was a lot of things and mostly felt like a real guy.

>> the book is wildly popular. did you read the book initially?

>> i went in and met with our producers who i worked with years ago.

>> he is a brilliant guy.

>> he wrote "brave heart". he is an excellent director. he held up the book book and asked if i was familiar with it. he told me the story and i thought it sounded like a compelling movie.

>> was this your first acting role ever?

>> yes.

>> how did you remember all of your lines?

>> the angel sang to you?

>> yes.

>> it is kind of hard to explain.

>> you liked the making of the movie. this is the hard part for you, ta talking about it. would you rather be making a movie rather than talking about it?

>> making it.

>> he was very good at his lines. he had quite a bit to say at times. obviously you come on and for some -- i don't know, how did you learn your lines?

>> it was me who had a problem with the lines, wasn't it?

>> yes.

>> the affection between the two of you is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

>> we love the film. i don't care who put it out. it is a terrific movie. you are so believable and real in it. you, you steal the picture.

>> you do.

>> little thief.

>> "heaven is for real" opens nationwide on april 16 .