TODAY   |  March 22, 2014

Chinese TV releases new image of floating debris

In a new development in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370, investigators are attempting to find debris spotted in photographs released by Chinese state TV. The Chinese government is sending seven ships to investigate, which will join Australian ships already on the scene. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> good morning. nice to have you with us on a saturday morning. we want to take another look at the image. this came on after we went on the air this morning. released by state chinese government tv. released on twitter. china says it was taken four days ago. a lot of speculation as to whether it could be debris. that came in the middle of a planned press conference. the official was holding up the note he was given during the press conference. it seems to be a never ending search for a clue as people look for what happened to flight 370, where it may be. kerry sanders begins our coverage. good morning.

>> it could be a clue and nothing more at this point. certain a lot of hope. let's look at that image released by chinese tv. it is 72 feet by 42 feet. take that image and now look at these two images shot two days prior to those photos. these are satellite images taken and released by the australian minister. perhaps this may fit in the same general measurements of the one in the photographs just released today. the area that's being searched here is here compared to where perth, australia is. that distance is under 1, 500 miles southwest. as we get closer and take a look here, the items found on the images taken by the australians were here, about 79 miles away there is where the photographs taken by the chinese show up. it's in is same general area. the hope is this may indeed be a clue to suggest where flight 370 went down.

>> the new satellite image released by china state run telle vision measures 72 feet by 42 feet. it was a phototoe taken four days ago. like the other satellite images released by the australian government , there's a race to confirm what the debris is and if it's still there. this newest lead was revealed by malaysia's transportation minister handed the news on a piece of paper during a news conference.

>> the chinese received satellite image of floating object in the southern corridor. they will send ships to verify.

>> so far, there's no visual search of the debris. based on the australian satellite photos, it's four hours from land. today the grounded maintenance, pilots from australia, china have been in the air reporting with poor visibility.

>> we have a lot of hope. conditions remain as they are, hopefully we'll find something soon.

>> south indian ocean is notorious for the most violent oceans with high winds and waves feeding off weather patterns. the scientist kathleen doughan has tried to see where it may have traveled.

>> how far it could go. it could potentially go hundreds of miles like 500 miles .

>> which means it will be that much more difficult to find this item, the so called black box . as we look at it, this is the area called the pinger. if that black box went down in the ocean like that, the signal is sending down and not out which could make it that much more difficult to eventually, if they ever do, locate it. erica?

>> kerry for us this morning. thank you.