TODAY   |  March 16, 2014

Pet strollers, treadmills for dogs: A visit to the world’s largest pet trade show

Americans spent a record $56 billion on their pets in 2013, and the largest pet trade show on the planet offered quite the punch when it came to new products for the furry members of the family. TODAY’s Jill Rappaport reports.

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>>> this morning on today's pets, an inside look at the greatest show on earth from pets. jill rappaport got back from the global pet expo in orlando. we are lucky you are here to share the goodies with you.

>> actually i drove with ruby. it was just announced that americans spent a record $56 billion on their pets last year. it's no surprise that the biggest pet trade show in the world was packed.

my ruby gave it a paw's up: it's the tenth annual global pet expo --

>> so excited. featuring everything your pet could ever want, need or dream of. this event is the super bowl of pet trade shows . 6,000 visitors from 100 countries, nearly 3,000 booths spanning 13 football fields.

>> like a wow factor when you walk in here.

>> reporter: miles of aisles catering to every creature imaginable. a smorgasbord of food and fashion. along with the latest in tech and toys. a few of which sent my ruby into a tailspin. check this out, ruby, and he's very quiet. there were, of course, plenty of costumes. look, a hot dog for the hot dog . and tons of tantalizing treats. doggy breath? i don't think it's working yet. you got to eat it, chew it up sweetie pie . celebrity pets were on parade like internet sensation and popular pomeranian tido. and for the average pet on the go, fancy strollers as well as stay-at-home options to keep fido fit. this year's show seemed to hit all the right notes with the critics that really count. aside from what's new and what's hot, the event also showcased heart, highlighting service dogs and shelter pets.

>> it's a really good message to put out to adopt and not shop.

>> reporter: one food company is going one step further, making it a mission thole rescue animals.

>> every bag of food we sell, we donate to a dog in need. any time you feed your dog, you're feeding a shelter dog as well.

>> reporter: good enough to win one of this year's kov prizes.

>> reporter: you actually won this year's best new product showcase award.

>> you can't spend enough money on your pet. every pet you own deserves to have the best.

>> reporter: for the pelts themselves, at the end of the day , perhaps they only crave the basics, a bed, a bone and a good belly rub.

>> you and ruby brought back a couple of your favorite products.

>> as the mother of five rescues, i brought back jean use items and also a pet for rescue. isn't he cute, sherman, standard poodle . he is sporting what is a very hip bandana. you can see this.

>> a pocket.

>> it is not a pocket. it's a water bowl. it's lined.

>> that water by the way is very cold today.

>> if it had landed on ruby --

>> i have to show you this. if you have a chow hound at home, this bowl, see the maze-like pattern, it forces animals to eat slowly and safely.

>> my dog jake needs that. he inhales his food.

>> we have ruby, a fashionista and she hates what rain does to herself.

>> a rain coat with a portable umbrella hat. he's chowing down slowly and safely. finally for fido on the move, the ultimate toy.

>> aim it away from lights