TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

3 congresswomen share a home in D.C.

Three congresswomen have created a sort of sorority house in Washington, D.C., a unique living arrangement dictated by their spending a great deal of time away from their home districts and in the nation’s capital. NBC’s Craig Melvin reports.

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>> reporter: this is like a sorority house .

>> it's a sister hood , for sure.

>> reporter: at their three-story d.c. townhouse, maloney is less a house mother and more the landlord.

>> when i was first elected, i lived alone. i had an apartment, and i was used to a husband and two children and a cat and pandemonium, chaos at home. so i decided to buy a house and fill it up with friends. it's exactly what i did.

>> a lot going on.

>> reporter: no surprise the three democrats spend many nights talking policy and strategy, but there are chores.

>> i love to garden. no one else gardens.

>> i started cooking recently, actually.

>> debbie wasserman schultz in the kitchen.

>> with terri on the stool keeping me company.

>> reporter: the key to household happiness?

>> we all have our own sets.

>> reporter: but the roommates do share shoulders and ears.

>> when carolyn lost her husband, when i went through breast cancer , you're coming home every day, and, you know, we -- people think of us almost as robotic. but we have real people problems. and it's been wonderful for us to have each other.

>> reporter: it's a rewarding, unique living arrangement that conjures up images for amazon's series "alpha house."

>> never thought of myself being famo famous. i guess i am. i'm in wikipedia.

>> reporter: the online comedy is based on the real-life adventures of three male u.s. senators who also live together.

>> they're the alpha house, we're the zeta house. here is to green tea .

>> reporter: no late night five card stud with six-packs.

>> we have a republican living in the basement.

>> i don't know who it is. i've seen the back of his head.

>> yes.

>> reporter: for "today," craig melvin, nbc news, washington.

>> by the way, we would like to congratulate craig and his life lindsey on the birth of their son, dale joseph melvin. how cute is that?