TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Vladimir Putin arrives in Sochi

With the opening of the Olympic Games just two days away, the Russian president arrived in Sochi amid last-minute preparations: Several athletes have been questioning the conditions of certain courses, and some accommodations are still not fully ready. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> in two days now. and this morning, russian president vladimir putin arrived in sochi . if you think he's here for vacation, think again. he is here to oversee all of the final preparations. and he's here to talk about more. good morning to you.

>> hey, matt, good morning. you're right about that. vladimir putin will meet with the olympic officials today, tomorrow, he will welcome the russian team . and team usa has been making their own assessment of sochi . takeoff for olympic athletes who just landed in sochi . testing the slopes.

>> the vibe is crazy. and a beautiful place.

>> the women's hockey team arrived keying to get their skates on.

>> we're excited to be here and happy to get on the ice and show the world what we have.

>> reporter: just four hours later, they were in the olympic arena . and so far, the snow has been getting a seal of approval. the run-up to these games has been riddled with pr. one major concern has been would there be enough snow? well, i can tell you, that's one thing the russians don't have to worry about.

>> reporter: but some athletes have been questioning the condition of the courses.

>> the course was just built, so they're working out all the kinks and everything.

>> reporter: the norwegian snowboa snowboarder suffered an injury. some accommodation is not nearly ready. for seven years, sochi has been preparing for this, educating their children about the olympics. they say they are ready.

>> it is very great that the olympic games will be in sochi .

>> which country is going to win more gold medals ? usa or russia?

>> russia.

>> and i think they were a little nervous to be interviewed. but people here are really excited and it was great to get up on the slopes today.

>> you looked good on the slopes, conditions looked good.

>> you would think with this warm weather it might be little bit slushy or melt, but it was none of that.

>> what do you think the answer would be if you asked vladimir putin which country would win more medals.

>> i can't imagine.

>> good to see you. it's