TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

‘Labor Day’ author goes Hollywood

Bestselling author Joyce Maynard joins TODAY to chat about her novel, “Labor Day,” hitting the big screen. The film stars Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet, who plays a single mom falling for a man who escaped from prison. It opens in theaters nationwide on Jan. 31.

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>>> with a little question for you. do you believe in second chances at love? joyce does. she's the best-selling author of " labor day ," a book that has been made into a movie. the story of a single mom and a man with a questionable past whose lives intertwine over a long weekend. take a look.

>> i should go. they'll come back in a few hours, that's as good a window as i'm going to get.

>> maybe tomorrow. just a little more time.

>> they're not going to stop looking, adel.

>> you should stay.

>> joyce maynard . good morning.

>> nice to see you, matt.

>> i'm going to talk about the story line in a second, but is it hard to watch your baby, in some ways grow up and leave the house and turn into a movie?

>> i had three children, that was good practice. you have to let it go. i let this one go into very good hands. jason wrightman is the director, "up in the air," "juno." i'm that rare writer that is happy with the movie.

>> you spent a lot of time on the set and look at these two amazing actors, kate winslet and josh brolin . were they what you had in mind?

>> i didn't spend time on the set beyond the first day i came to teach josh how to make a pie.

>> that was it?

>> crucial -- the sexiest pie-making scene ever. i came on the first day and the last. but, yes, i take credit for the pie that you're going to see up in that scene.

>> we'll get to that in a second. the story line does ask the viewers, the readers in the first case, now the viewers, to take a little bit of a leap of faith that this woman, this single mom could fall for this guy who is --

>> how could she fall for --

>> not josh brolin , a guy that escaped from prison.

>> that's right.

>> you said something, you said i don't write stories about what happened. i write stories about what could happen.

>> what could happen. and i think that's what we all want a little bit from a book and certainly from a movie is to be taken on a journey that maybe we haven't taken in our lives. but not a complete fantasy. this isn't a fairy tale . but it is a love story . full out, full-on, it's the love story i wanted to read, i wanted to watch for people with miles on them who maybe are never going to have him show up in their kitchen.

>> i like when you say people with miles on them. to understand how this could happen, you have to understand her character. and you said recently, you said, for her, the good guys have turned out bad. so why not turn the world upsidedown and think maybe a bad guy could turn out good?

>> he's a man -- these are both people who have had hard knocks , big losses. and they -- the world didn't go the way it was supposed to for them. and they're each in their own way a prisoner. she in her house and he was a prisoner in prison. and they find each other. and i should say they find each other in the context of her family life with her son, the story is told through the eyes of her 13-year-old.

>> which raises the question, that leap of faith . also, a lot of people say, you're going to tell me a single mom would allow an ex-convict to come into the house with her son?

>> i'm going to dare you. go to this movie and see if you wouldn't buy it. you know, it's not -- this woman actually is proven right in many ways. she follows her instinct. and she's not without fear. i'm not going to give away what happens. this is a scary situation. he's kidnapping her but he opens the car door for her as he does.

>> it's an odd juxtaposition.

>> thank you. i hope you're there at the movies this weekend.

>> yeah, opens up on friday in theaters nationwide. back in