TODAY   |  January 27, 2014

Vote on your favorite Super Bowl ad

Pick your all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial at, where a bracket pits 16 of the most memorable ads in the game’s history against each other.

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>>> fun things planned in the orange room . hey, willie.

>> i think i have the most fun thing of the week. we've set up this tournament of the best all-time super bowl commercials . we've got 16 of our very favorite. put them in a bracket. you the viewers are going to decide who wins at one of the great match-ups, wendy's where's the beef which turns 30 this super bowl versus a budweiser frog. remember this?

>> it's a very big --

>> where's the beef?

>> some places give you a lot less beef on a lot of bun.

>> where's the beef?

>> bud --

>> wise --

>> er --

>> bud --

>> wise --

>> er.

>> and that's a first-round match-up. you've got the 1984 ad from apple. these are the best of the best . mean joe green 's coca-cola ad. pick your winner in every game. each day this week, we'll advance somebody to the next round.

>> is that your favorite on there?

>> i don't remember the name of the commercial. what was that?

>> do that again.

>> can you make that ring tone ?

>> one more time.

>> a football player tackles the people in the office.

>> we did a spoof of it. i think i get