TODAY   |  January 23, 2014

Great retail deals to grab right now

For viewers who skipped out on a few items during the holidays to save money, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar gives TODAY the scoop on huge retail sales happening at chain stores now, including coats, jeans and sweater dresses.

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>>> well, if you thought the holidays with a good time to get a great deal, you may be surprised to find you can find even lower prices right now.

>> stores are offering deep discounts on everything from huge tvs ahead of the super bowl and grills.

>> good morning.

>> nice to see you guys.

>> you say this could be one of the best januarys ever when it comes to sales. why?

>> the national retail federation estimated that people spent around $601 billion for holiday. and retailers thought people were going to spend even more. so what they're trying to do now is get rid of all of that overstock. what we are going to see as consumers are massive discounts.

>> you say you can actually negotiate at big, major retailers. how do you do that?

>> well, you go into the store and basically say listen, could you give me maybe 10% to 15% off a little more? basically ask, be nice. i've done it before but the key is to be nice about it.

>> we did reach out to macy's and walmart and they say their policy is not to negotiate.

>> and they do have price match as well, which is another form of negotiation.

>> it doesn't hurt to ask. the worst they can say is no.

>> super bowl right around the corner. a lot of people go out and buy the big flat tvs . is this the time to go do it?

>> yes. i'm telling everyone to go out and get their televisions now. they're on massive discount. and after the game, you may not be able to find what you're looking for. a lot of that inventory is flying out the doors. if you wait, you may not find what you want.

>> if you're buying a new tv, do you go for the big, new ultra hd or stick with things that are kind of known?

>> that's a good question. the ultra hd , it's the highest hd you can get, i'm telling people to wait because you want it to be a proven technology. case in minute, the 3d television. you walk by it in the store and there's tumbleweeds by the tvs .

>> and you say these jeans are a great deal?

>> they were originally $44. they are now marked down to $19.99. i've been covering this for five months. this is the best priced jeans i could find. these are also sold at jcpenney. the arizona jeans are on sale between $9 and $14. they were originally $30. arizona jeans, they are --

>> unclear about the hot pink . lady in a hot pink jean, not clear. sweater dresses.

>> a lot of these retailers are trying to get rid of their winter --

>> i'm hiding behind the mannequin here.

>> they're trying to get rid of these sweater dresses. these were originally priced between $30 to $55. these are at $14.99. so these are massive discount.

>> at jcpenney as well.

>> moving over quickly to winter coats. good time to stock up on the winter coat, right?

>> we're in the middle of a winter vortex. if you don't have one, get one now. this is from macy's around $400 originally. this is now $139.

>> when in doubt, belt it. belt it! look at these super cute shoes!

>> everyone loves shoes. we're going back to jcpenney. i've been doing all this mall crawl. these are the -- call is spring geor georgina boots. and these are the new balance sneakers, originally priced between $45 to $90. if you want to replenish your collection, these are on sale for $34.99.

>> wow. and you brought some stuff for kids?

>> yes. from toys "r" us, this is the meep ipad.

>> we are out of time.