TODAY   |  January 06, 2014

Old Spice’s odd commercial goes viral

The deodorant company known for its viral commercials has a new that’s gaining traction. It makes light of moms being sad that their sons are growing up.

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>>> old spice is famous for the viral ads. there was the "your man can smell like" commercial, well, they've got a different ad out. this one sad moms singing about their sons growing up. i didn't see it coming but it came in a can now my sweet son's sprayed into a man old spice made a man of my son now he's kissing all the women and his chores aren't done

>> very disturbing. reacting, saying there's nothing quite like your mom clutching your car's rear bumper.

>> that's love. exactly l.

>> but if you have a boy, there's a certain age where you look at him and go, you need deodorant.

>> and odor eaters for the tennis shoes .