TODAY   |  January 03, 2014

Some may not ‘Believe’ in new Justin Bieber flick

A panel of entertainment experts and moms review the latest family-friendly films and say that the new Justin Bieber documentary, “Believe,” doesn’t really reveal anything new about the superstar.

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>> and dad, for a review of the latest family film . today's movie critics are jessica shaw, senior writer at entertainment weekly .

>> also, cara mack numara. fan daggo is now part of the nbcuniversal family.

>> what is not? and part for, she's a mother of two. let's get started. a lot of people want to hit the movies. tell us about "walking with dinosaurs." thumbed up or thumbs down?

>> kind of thumbs down. it's an animated movie about a runt dinosaur who sees his father killed by a predator and sort of has to save the pack. lots of snot and butt jokes.

>> perfect for me.

>> kind of equal parts scary and equal parts cute. that's why i didn't know what it was supposed to be?

>> it's for little kids. i have a 3-year-old, trouble taking him to movies, but he loves dinosaurs, was mesmerized by the film. the jokes were appropriate for kids. and it wasn't too scary.

>> it has the scary elements we have come to expect from children's films, but it's for a younger set.

>> should i take my 4-year-old to see that? it's hard to find a movie to take him to.

>> let's talk about justin bieber's beleave.

>> this is his second documentary in a couple years. the first was about justin bieber, this humble kid, so talented, still with his old buddies. this was one dark. he's worried about everyone out to get him, and no mention of selena gomez .

>> a shocker. it's made for beliebers and their panchts, not for haters. we get through the scandals, they address it, but they don't explore it.

>> did you like him more or less?

>> it's the same. the first film, you learned to like him or not like him. this is more of a love fest . if you like him, you'll love it.

>> and the nut job.

>> yes, the nut job. brendan frazier. filling in for kathie lee , are you?

>> about a bunch of park animals who try to pull off a heist at a nut store. will arnett , brendan frazer, katherine heigl . if you're a friend of psy, you will be happy. if not, bring cotton balls for your ears.

>> i took my whole family. it's fine. it's one of fandango's most anticipated family mims of the year. there will be nothing on january 17th when it comes out.

>> it's not that savvy, the script isn't sharp enough to really bring excitement to a 13-year-old, but for little kids, it's fine.

>> way, way back.

>> oh, my gosh, i love that movie.

>> i loved it, too. it's a great coming of age story with an incredible cast. mia rudolph, steve carell playing against type as a total jerk.

>> i hated him in the movie. i never hated him before.

>> i really like this. it's not for kids, too young, but for teenagers.

>> some of the language is inappropriate.

>> she's so funny. the neighbor.

>> i would love to see the broadway version where kathie lee plays the character.

>> that should have been kathie l lee.

>> a truly enjoyable teen. perfect film, funny, sharp enough. there are mature issues, but nothing they can't handle, and you're talking about it with them.

>> a rare market, talking about a film to see with a teenager that you like and they like.

>> now the teenager doesn't want to go with you.

>> you're not seated together, but