TODAY   |  December 30, 2013

Photo appears to show shark next to swimmers

A California mom captured a photo of what appears to be a sizeable shark swimming only feet from her son and a friend. She says that when she later reviewed the photo, she lied and told her son it was a dolphin so he wouldn’t be afraid to get back in the water.

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>> okay. california mom got quite a shock at the beach over the weekend. she was spending the day with her son and his friend when she captured this amazing photo. notice anything strange? how about what appears to be a rather sizable shark swimming just feet from the boys. it happened at manhattan beach where shark sightings are pretty common. june said she didn't notice until later and she told her son it was a dolphin so he wouldn't be scared to get back into the water.

>> are we sure that's not photo shopped?

>> how do you tell?

>> when all else fails, lie to your kid.

>> no kidding.

>> works well.