TODAY   |  December 13, 2013

Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel to split

NBC Latino entertainment editor Nina Terrero chats about all the latest in celeb news, including the couple who called it quits after 10 years of marriage.

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>>> so a long time celebrity couple separates while another hot duo makes their relationship official on twitter. great to see you.

>> good morning you two. hi.

>> we were just thinking about the first one. come on.

>> this is a hot one. they have been married 11 years. just before the holiday, they announced that they are separating.

>> they had a terrific charity.

>> they do, a broader way. it really increases access to the arts and broadway for underprivileged girls here in new york city . they also have a 4-year-old son together. little walker. so there's really no sense of what lead to the split but one can only thing schedules, just their work obligations, separation. who knows.

>> and then talk about a bizarre turn she is going to be on broadway in a new musical what she plays a divorcee.

>> she will be in a new show called "if then" and plays a recent divorcee. but she has been in l.a. and filming on glee and working on this new musical. they had a role where they were never away for more than two weeks but i think is separation.

>> but he has a lot of girls waiting to get a call from him.

>> let's move to this, now made official. mila kunis and ashton kutcher .

>> so they have been dating for almost two years, almost immediately following his split from demi moore but they've been so low key about the relationship. they have never been seen making out in public. they never tweet about each other but now we see this steamy pda filled selfie of them smooching. it took twitter by storm. this is something we have never seen from ashton. big deal .

>> photo of the week.

>> everybody buzzing about this photo. gisele bundchen instagraming this.

>> a model mommy.

>> she is not multitasking. she is being multitasked.

>> don't pretend you don't have a similar team behind the scenes . but this photo went viral and while she was a huge part of the conversation, now emmy rossum too because she posted a funny spoof of this picture on the set of her new show shameless. look at that. she even has a fake baby on there with a mancurist hair stylist and now we're kind of -- she gets our attention. she is a funny gal.

>> i feel you girl #kidding #fake baby #soy milk #shameless plugging her new show.

>> well done.

>> tune in to see her in january when the new show premieres.