TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Give gift of learning with toys that teach

If you’re looking to buy children gifts that won’t just distract them, but will also teach them something,’s Meredith Sinclair shares some amazing toys that teach for all ages, like an activity floor mat and a magical book reader.

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>> help is here.

>> contributor to time to you can never go wrong with a new toy if it teaching a child a new skill.

>> great ideas you have across the board.

>> parents tend to buy their kids the things that are the most advertised. if you buy a toy for someone else's child, it's great to go with the hidden gems . parent appreciate that. we will go age appropriate up. we will start with the floor.

>> this is one of the producers. 1 gratulations on your cute baby.

>> this is the tummy time activity floor mat. what is great about this one is that had helps babies strengthen their necks and core and entertainment and parents love it because this rolls up and you can take it with you when you travel. it's perfect. that's what they are looking at will.

>> it's washable.

>> and jumy.

>> rory is playing the drums. 2-year-old.

>> this is the things they love to do which is bang on things. this is the kitty by v tech and when she bangs on it, it's going give outleters and numbers and this helps with her development and she gets to bang on something.

>> better her baby brother . what are jada and lauren up to?

>> this went viral and is very popular. developed by an engineer at stanford. she wanted toys for girls and encourage building and construction.

>> another part of the brain.

>> we're start with the spinning machine and this is a new one. the parade float . comes with a book and the main character of goldie block. teaching girls.

>> very cute.

>> morgan is busy at work.

>> i love this. the gift that keeps on giving. this is a monthly subscription. you want that kid to get something from you every month. this is the activity kit. right here he is doing the holiday kit. the polar expedition kit.

>> it's a little bit of instruction and something to play with.

>> hooey is destroying things.

>> this is fantastic. i think we are missing kids .

>> they are fine. you and i are kids. what do we do?

>> kids love to play with the boxes and this is play from scratch. this is yoxo done with recycleable materials. this is a box of boxes and a tube of tubes with connectors.

>> fine.

>> you can connect it.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you can connect cereal boxes. it gets them creative.

>> okay.

>> this is another one of my favorites.

>> david. this is the park up magic reader. you can send this to the grandma and grandpa and they record themselves. 50 books. you turn this button on and it senses the pace and reads along with her. she can learn to read and when she learns, she will record her own books.

>> sweet.

>> the last thing is mad formers. they have madness on every end.

>> i love magnets.

>> we used these and it's very much like this. kids can learn as they play. they will learn about geometry and spatial relations.

>> thanks to all the kids.