TODAY   |  December 10, 2013

Man arrested for allegedly pranking coaches

A 32-year-old Los Angeles man has been arrested for allegedly recording phone calls with high-profile sports figures without their consent and hoaxing them to believe other teams were interested in hiring them.

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>> let's begin with a story out of los angeles developing overnight. a strange case and willie has the details on this. good morning.

>> good morning. this is an odd one. authorities arrested a man that pranked coaches from the nba, nfl and the college ranks in to believing they were scouting and at times being offered top jobs.

>> most people say they make prank phone calls . i do it. i do it. i'm better at it than anyone else.

>> reporter: he was arrested monday for tricking at least a dozen professional and college coaches into thinking he was offering them new high profile coaching jobs. the 32-year-old california man was charged with felony eavesdropping for recording phone calls with nfl coaches like minnesota vikings head coach leslie frazier , san diego chargers coach and the cincinnati bengals and even legendary nfl coach and nfl sports analyst tony dungy .

>> has usc called you?

>> they haven't but representatives of the organization called. your people called my people.

>> reporter: he talked on the dan patrick show about receiving a phone call for the head coaching job at usc . that call later lead to confusion and denial from dungy and usc . he e-mailed a writer with the subject line hi, i hoaxed tony dungy and boasted that he made dozens of similar calls and that it's a matter of time until i make headline news again with my hoaxes.

>> i hoaxed ten television shows . 8 over a four month period of time. i'm in the new frontier of broadcast journalism .

>> reporter: in an interview he said they were not limited to sports figures claiming his calls landed on him tv shows like judge alex . but now his alleged pranks put him in a real life courtroom facing charges that are anything but a joke. the investigation is on going but they didn't disclose how many franchises or school coaching staffs were impacted. he is held pending $20,000 bail. his case will be presented to prosecutors who can file charges as soon as tomorrow. he has yet to release a comment about his arrest. he says it's all a big prank. the police say it's a crime.

>> i don't think he's going to be laughing much longer