TODAY   |  November 24, 2013

Dangerous storms hit much of US

Heavy snow and high winds in New Mexico and Arizona, ice in Texas and low temperatures in Philadelphia are all part of a storm system moving across the country. The Weather Channel’s Janel Klein and TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> weather system that is pummeling people across the country. janel klein is in ft. worth, texas , this morning. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. the roads in texas and throughout much of the west are dangerous blamed for deaths and crashes, including one involving singer willie nelson 's tour bus . the storm is not done yet. heavy snow and near whiteout conditions brought traffic to a standstill in new mexico on saturday, not to mention the high winds .

>> hard to keep control of your car especially under the bridges and stuff, it whips you. we almost saw a semi jackknife in front of us.

>> reporter: in philadelphia as temperatures begin to drop, workers load up the last few deliveries of fire wood before it gets really cold.

>> people call at the last minute, it's cold, we got to get some wood.

>> reporter: officials are issuing a code blue of the area until tuesday morning.

>> looking forward to some good warm heat from the wood. the kind of heat that gets to your bone, keeps you warm.

>> reporter: in the texas panhandle three people were killed after ice' roads triggered a collision. it started a chain reaction that sent 20 people to the hospital.

>> this is a weird storm. nobody has really been able to get a handle on it.

>> reporter: snow fell hard this week in arizona's north country . flagstaff got more than a half foot of snow just in time for the opening of the ski resorts .

>> driving up through alpine and see the snow, i'm like, yes! there's snow on the ground. here we go.

>> reporter: in las vegas , little luck at mckeern international airport , rain and low cloud cover causing 90-minute delays for a third day in a row. at college football stadiums across the midwest, fans tried to stay warm, but didn't let a little snow get in the way of the game. this storm is moving across the south and could reach the east coast this week. of course, erica, that could mean some big problems for thanksgiving travelers.

>> it could. a few headaches may be in store.

>>> dylan is standing by at the weather map .

>> it is interesting because it is so cold out there. by the time this storm makes its way to the east coast , it's going to warm up enough that we're not looking at a major snowstorm up and down the eastern seaboard for wednesday. that's a big travel day. so that is good news. we do have very, very cold temperatures. look at this windchill right now. it is 8 degrees, that's what it feels like in boston when you factor in the wind, along with those cold temperatures. those are the numbers you have to dress for because the more you bundle up and the more you block your skin from that wind, the warmer you'll feel, although it's 21 in cleveland, 29 in atlanta where it feels like 19 degrees. it want to show you how cold it is across parts of texas . so dallas is at 33 degrees, just barely above freezing, houston is at 44. we're seeing mainly rain across southeastern texas , but the snow and ice into the dallas area and north of that is where we have all our snowfall including parts of new mexico. we're looking at accumulating ice. the fact that it's taking a little longer to get to dallas than initially forecasted, we should see about .10 inch in dallas . but abilene, texas , could end up with a half inch of ice. that will make for even more of a travel nightmare. it should turn to rain as it continues to spread east.