TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Scientists make the perfect grilled cheese

Scientists at the World Society of Chemistry have taken on a really “cheesy” task: Cooking the perfect grilled cheese. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports on the scientific spin on a simple sandwich.

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>>> we have an interesting new look at the ultimate comfort food grilled cheese .

>> wow.

>> how to find out how to make one as delicious as possible. there's only one correspondence up to that task. michelle kosinski is here. good morning.

>> you have to be pretty horrible in the kitchen to screw up a grilled cheese or worse their version which is just cheese on toast . but the scientific goal here was to see what precise conditions would give the public the most tasty snacks possible and, of course, sell more cheese. you may remember e equals mq squared but this stroke of genius is the formula for the perfect cheese on toast . like some cooking show called the extremely meticulous chef scientists at the world society of chemistry were taking what looked to be a giant keg were urged on word by the british cheese board. we thought a british cheese board looked like this.

>> thank you.

>> reporter: using scales, thermometers, measuring tastes they tried cubed high heat, low heat to resolve this burning question.

>> do you like?

>> great.

>> reporter: and with their testing and eating.

>> i would like more bread.

>> you could build an eco-friendly house out of this.

>> reporter: wow.

>> the difference is shocking.

>> reporter: that is best possible combination is bread 10 millimeters thick, 50 grams of a mild cheddar 18 centimeters from a 250 degree burner for four minutes.

>> oh my goodness. it really is good.

>> is this removing the art and the magic from cheese on toast ?

>> i would hope not. i would hope it would improve whatever people are doing now.

>> it's just amazing that it took until 2013 to unlock the true secret of the cheese on toast . you guys are pioneers, man. pioneers.

>> reporter: even though college students survive for years on cheese on toast , foodies take this seriously. going back to the all american grilled cheese which the scientists were familiar with.

>> really? you actually ordered that up?

>> reporter: no takers.

>> what do you guys think?

>> reporter: at least we now know what makes british cheesy perfection, massive keg not included.

>> okay, so the brits hate american grilled cheese . they think it's too much bread.

>> i like the butter on top.

>> they're not into the butter.

>> we need our own scientist to find the perfect american grilled cheese .

>> what's your favorite?

>> i think rye, swiss and the cheeky intrusion of a tomato.

>> the british edition.

>> i went extraordinary grilled cheese with truffle and caramelized onions.

>> why go ordinary when you can be extraordinary.

>> i went with rye bread , american cheese and a little thinned slice of grilled tomato.

>> i went with hammed on sourdough.

>> that's a ham and cheese sandwich .

>> wonderbread, tomato, and bacon.

>> bacon in there.

>> i got the classic, this is just a nice white bread . it's a little crunchy, nice american cheese in there and the dipping of the tomato soup there. delicious.

>> michelle, you should come more often.

>> i know.

>> don't double dip.

>> i didn't.

>> can you see if the british can figure out how to make a good milk shake?

>> that's next. sometimes the best grilled cheese isn't the most fancy at all.

>> this is wonderbread and cheese and butter.

>> they taste the best. it has to be orange too.

>> i still like my truffle