TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

Nancy Snyderman surveys Philippines typhoon damage

Via helicopter, NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman surveys some of the devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan as she flies over mountains into the eastern Philippine city of Tacloban, where the death toll is mounting.

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>> aid is beginning to arrive in the philippines after friday's typhoon killed an estimated 10,000 people. help is desperately needed. nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman is in the philippines and looked at the area hardest hit.

>> flying over the mountains, the destruction creeps up on you. rural and urban carnage is everywhere.

>> there's a sea of devastation. that animals, human devastation, water and trees. it is a sight unlike any i've ever seen before.

>> reporter: in a city without food, water and electricity tensions are running high. bodies still lie in the street and reports of looting and violence have prompted the military to begin patrols. thieves are stopped at arbitrary checkpoints. and the water supply is exhausted too. following the storm surge , the waterways are blocked with animal and building debris and the stench of decay is in the air. even water from the normally reliable pumps have been compromised. people are using it for drinking and bathing. few appear to be boiling water as suggested. everywhere, people are thirsty and access to aid is slow and not apparent in the center of the city. the newest concern is the low pressure weather system that may bring more rain to the area over the next 48 hours . the concern is it could harm the water system even more and with that threaten people with problems like diarrhea and other infectious diseases .

>> and that report from dr. nancy snyderman in the philippines and to find out how you can help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines , go to today