TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Last-minute Halloween: How to be Will and Kate

Lori Richmond from provides a few last-minute costume ideas for the whole family – from the royal threesome to a clan of mummies.

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>> still have no idea what you and your kids will be dressing up for halloween -- i still can't talk. my tongue is fused to the top of my mouth.

>> here with last minute costumes you can make yourself is lori richmond, editor of the it's not too late.

>> it's not too late. all of these ideas are things you can make for the whole family with what you already have in your house.

>> i love these ideas. family game night, this is a favorite at everyone's house.

>> they are dressed as classic board games that we made out of pillow cases. and basic arts and craft supplies. so what we did was drew the boards on the front of the pillow cases using fabric markers and paint and added accessories to each costume. dad is operation and we added kitchen tongs for the tweezers.

>> she's like is that me?

>> that's you.

>> and then for mr. monopoly we did money on the front and printed it out and then added the iconic top hat and made a mustache with cotton balls. and here in the front is our checkerboard. we drew that and made cardboard checkers to give it dimension and mom is twister and we created the spinner using just some cardboard and glued it to a head board.

>> serious art skills.

>> you can trace it.

>> with the monopoly you scanned on the home computer .

>> yeah, straight lines and circles.

>> great. happy halloween .

>> moving on to the four seasons.

>> next are the four seasons.

>> we have the cunninghams.

>> i love this.

>> this is great because this entire costume can be made with stuff that's already in your closets at home.

>> summer has passed out by the way.

>> yeah, the baby is summer. she is still ready for a day at the beach. we have all of her summer gear on and mom here is fall and this is a great ensemble because we made it out of trash bags and leaves from the backyard. cut two holes in the trash bag and put it on like a pair of pants and then get leaves from the yard and clue them on to the shirt and pinned them in her hair.

>> okay. we have spring and winter over there.

>> yes, springtime, an april showers theme with all the rain gear. the rain jacket and boots and umbrella and then we have winter. this is stuff we're getting out of the closets already. it's getting cold out. a way the whole family can get involved is to make the snow flakes. cut them out and decorate the jacket.

>> beautiful family.

>> thank you guys.

>> happy halloween .

>> next up, the zuker family is the at the time tris tribe.

>> can you believe this?

>> dad, how are you holding up?

>> everybody remembers tetris, right? we created this out of simple cardboard boxes and covered them with construction paper and added the detailing and you could use black duct tape . we hot glued the boxing together. you could add arm holes as well if you want and extra points to any family that can actually put together the formation while they're in this costume.

>> bonus points for trying to walk in that.

>> where do the hands go? that's a whole other story.

>> thank you.

>> let's get the royal family , the prestons with baby matthew .

>> everyone just loves will and kate and we created this look from when they first introduced prince george to the world.

>> so cute.

>> mom looks exactly like kate wearing the polka dot dress and for dad button down shirt, jeans and a belt. instant prince william . roll up the sleeves because he is a hands on dad and then for prince george , a little crown --

>> baby matthew here.

>> baby matthew playing the part of prince george . we made a crown out of felt and added jewels and wrapped him in a blanket. this is the same style blanket the real prince george wore.

>> great.

>> and finally when all else fails, there's this easy costume.

>> this is as low cost and low offer as it gets. toilet paper and double sided tape and the whole family can get involved wrapping each other in the toilet paper and definitely you need a mummy walk. this is a high impact costume. can you put your arms out in front of you and act like mummies.

>> there you go.

>> looks great.

>> lori richmond, thank you so