TODAY   |  October 30, 2013

Chuck Todd: Obama faces credibility problem

NBC News’ chief political director Chuck Todd tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that President Obama is facing a credibility problem after making promises about the new health care law that he couldn’t keep.

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>> the white house handles those problems it's facing serious new questions about the nsa spying program. how is the administration coping with these dual crises? let's turn to chuck todd . good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah.

>> let's start with health care . now, we're talking about cancellation of policy. snag goes to the core of insurance coverage and even if it only affects a small part of the insurance market should the white house have been more up front about it? is there a credibility issue here?

>> reporter: definitely. look at the point in time we're at with the views of white house . you the picture of two parties, a democratic party that doesn't know how to govern and has a competency issue when it comes to this website, next to a republican party that has no interest in governing and the lack of preparation and laying the ground work and expectation setting by this white house was poor from the get-go. having the president go out there and make a promise that he had no control to keep. making that promise, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. it was impossible to keep that promise. you can't tell a company -- 80% of us, you and i, we don't get to control our health care policy. we work for a company that controls our health care policy. it set a false set of expectations. they did it on the website and it's a continuing problem with this white house . they want to try so hard not to show any weakness that they end up overpromising and now it's lead to a big credibility problem.

>> let me turn to the disclosure that the united states was spying on friendly world leaders , allies. yesterday we saw two top intelligence officials on the hill vigorously defending most of these practices trying to correct the record, but they have some explaining to do including to allies, right?

>> reporter: well, they do. and, in fact, today, the germany counter parts to our national security advisor and our intelligence chief are -- they have come to washington for answers. they're meeting at the white house with their american counter parts susan rice and james clapper . and everyone i talk to and it goes to spying on merkel's cell phone but maybe that they mislead germany on the surveillance being done, they truly feel bad about this. it's going to lead with an agreement to germany . maybe a low spying agreement but as far as the other countries complaining about u.s. surveillance, you heard in that testimony yesterday they don't take the complaints from france or other countries very seriously but the issue with germany they take seriously.

>> so much to talk about. thank you so much. appreciate it.