TODAY   |  October 25, 2013

Make some magic with makeup this Halloween

Bobbie Thomas is a makeup magician! Become anything from a clown to an alien with these unconventional makeup tips.

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>> it is time for bobbi's buzz. today's style editor and author of "the power of style," bobbie thomas is here to buzz through ways to create a hollywood disguise and you are --

>> i'm meryl streep 's character from "death becomes her." i can see my butt for the first time. she was with goldie hawn . they were strig to stay young forever . it was the funniest movie.

>> this is all about halloween. everybody freaks out about the costume. i'm all about the makeup. you can really get some cool makeup effects like the pros by yourself.

>> how should we do it?

>> the first step, if you want to do anything in the clown category, the ghost category, covering your canvas with white, clown white was developed by ben nye , famous --

>> the science guy?

>> what's really important, if you have kids, use a water based solution. it's tough to come off. your kids, it can be a nightmare. make sure you get a quality product. and then use setting powder, it will stay longer. this is amazing. these are transfers. they took brad pitt to so many different ages. he developed these prosthetics that look just like what you see on the film. you apply them with water. then you blend the edges with alcohol. they're under $20.

>> what do you call this one?

>> this is the housewife slit.

>> i would put them on me but they were all over the place.

>> the housewife lip.

>> crazy!

>> then can you get realistic stars and more. last but not least, mayon is this amazing company. they've been in business for 80 years. they have everything from stage blood to liquid latex. but i think most importantly what you want to check out are their removers. when you put makeup on and all this stuff for halloween, you have to make sure you remove it well. i think that is the big mistake and