TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Relaxation drinks rake up $32 million in sales

More than 150 new drinks boasting ingredients like melatonin and chamomile are aimed at helping people relax, and the industry has raked up more than $32 million in sales. But are the drinks worth the hype? NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> we are back a. new kind of of beverage is to soothe and relax you. do they live up to the hype? coca-cola things go better with coca-co coca-cola.

>> reporter: in the 1960 , coca-cola offered that refreshing feel.

>> red bull gives you wind.

>> reporter: these days the soda aisle has gone high energy . now a new taste for an emerging trend, relaxation drink.

>> i started buying them on campus.

>> reporter: stressed out college senior david litman eases the groind with a nearly $4 drink that helps reduce anxiety and rest.

>> i was looking for an option to help me sleep at night.

>> reporter: in the past five years, more than 150 drinks promote relaxation, using ingredients like melatonin. aan amino acid commonly found in green tea , it would take 15 cups of tea to get what's in this one can. so far, there has been little results in the industry.

>> people think it's a magic pim or a drink when we really don't know.

>> reporter: while research is thin the profit margin can be huge n. 2012 , relaxation drinks raked in $32 million. that's a drop in the glass to the $6 billion energy drink market.

>> i think a lot of our consumers might drink a red bull in the morning. maybe they drink too much. they feel jittery and want to drink to calm their jitters.

>> reporter: relaxation drinks the new rage, but are they the real deal? for "today," nbc news, los angeles .

>> who would try?

>> actually, i've had some of these already in airports when you are traveling and just want to chill.

>> that's the name of the drink, chill.

>> there are sparkly orange juice .

>> there are a lot of studies.

>> you do have to check with your doctor, there are active ingredients . you want to make sure they won't interact.

>> you become dependent on this, you know.

>> i think it's a little of a placebo effect.

>> i took the dream water. i did take that to go to sleep one notice. it worked that one time with me.

>> melatonin. it helps with calmness.

>> the next big thing.

>> aren't you tired?