TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

AARP’s 5 best places to retire

If you’re starting to crunch the numbers for planning your retirement, AARP magazine’s Gabrielle Redford shares the publication’s picks for the best places to settle, including Grand Rapids, Mich., and Bangor, Maine.

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>> always have to go south and you don't always have to have a big savings account .

>> the folks at aarp are out with their best places to retire for 2013 . gabriel is the editor. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> so the usual suspects, we'll start there. florida .

>> florida . we do have daytona , florida . the reason that daytona made our list is that housing prices fell by 47% during the recession. you can actually get a condo on the beach for less than $100,000.

>> that's hard to believe.

>> is daytona area one of the more popular area for retirees to go or a new idea?

>> it's a new idea. these are all places where you can live with less than $30,000 a year by buying someone inexpensive. your monthly mortgage payment is about $500 a month.

>> that's less than a lot of people pay rent.

>> all of these places 500 or less on the mortgage payments.

>> yes.

>> now we go against conventional witness, idaho, or pokey. you call it the pokey.

>> it's a very small town . it's a small town but has a lot to do. it's the home of idaho state university .

>> it's a college town .

>> it is and has all the culture amenties that a college town would have but it really the natural beauty of the place. hiking and biking trails and if you want to go skiing, all day lift tickets are $26 a day.

>> another against the grain place, bangor maine which can be cold in the winter.

>> it has a housing price of $110,000 so you can escape every once in awhile. but it's own as the queen city of the east. a lot of victorian architecture and is also on the river that has fishing and boating. there's just a lot to do.

>> a lot of state and national parks too.

>> acadia national park is about 30 miles away . so that has a lot of hiking and biking opportunities.

>> beautiful part of the country if you can stand the winter that's a good choice. back down to the south, one that's very popular we hear about it a lot. it's south carolina , you're looking at greenville.

>> it's a mix of history as well as modern. you have the modern architecture , the greenville bridge , the river place downtown. a development of condos and shops and restaurants. there are 80 restaurants in the square mile of downtown.

>> so it's decetant.

>> it is.

>> if you want to catch a game for $7 you can go see the baseball team . on thursday beer is $1.

>> we're there.

>> midwest, grand rapids , michigan.

>> grand rapids , michigan has outstanding museums. it's the home of the gerald ford presidential library and a competition that's a really interesting competition draws 1600 artists from all over the country to compete for $200,000 in prize money . it's free and open to the public. lots to do.

>> and a mean home price