TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Smash those snacks! KLG, Hoda vie in calorie challenge

Madelyn Fernstrom, NBC News health and diet editor, moderates a game of “Beat It or Eat It” while the ladies take their anger out on calorie-heavy sweets and snacks.

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>>> time to play "beat it or eat it." this time it's about snack foods between meals.

>> we're going to beat the foods that are not so good for us and eat the ones that are healthy for us, guiding us through this is health editor madeline harris.

>> snack time . we're going to be talk about crunchy/salty snacks. i want you to beat the one that has the most fat is it honey mustard pretzels or tortilla chips .

>> that is wrong. don't be fooled by pretzels when you have add-ins that are high in fats. these are baked chips.

>> so good.

>> next from prepackaging. the chocolate chip cookies and a two-back of granola bars which one should you beat because it has more calories.

>> don't beat the cookies.

>> okay.

>> you are right. they're healthier you're going to get 50 calories less in those three chocolate chip cookies . heart healthy portions do count. which one should you beat because more calories per serving. 22 almonds or 38 pistachios in the shell. you want to beat the almonds because they've got another 50, 60 calories. you have to work at these pistachios. fresh fruit, how can you go wrong, right? grapes and cheddar cheese and apples and -- which one has more calories.

>> i'm going to gently beat this.

>> and you are --

>> i still got hit.

>> apples and dip have 230 calories.

>> which ones are we beating?

>> you are beating this one.

>> i know, this game is no fun name because we're worried about --

>> don't give up.

>> oh, no. frozen treats. you want a better calorie-controlled choice. two regular chocolate pops or a cup of fat-free vanilla. which one should you beat because it has more calories.

>> i want to go --

>> you are right, hoda. a cup of yogurt is 260 calories. these are just 60 each.

>> who doesn't love dip. hummus. both are healthy. you want to eat the one with the calorie savings beat the ones that are higher.

>> which one again?

>> this is salsa --

>> you want to beat the one with higher calories. you are right, you're going to beat the hummus. let's end with candy. you want to tame your sweet tooth . one of these candies has fewer calories with the same saving size. you want to beat the one with mini chocolate chips and yogurt-conferred peanuts. beat the one that has more calories.

>> more.

>> and you are right -- the yogurt peanuts. you are right. not a health food .

>> who won --

>> i got five? i couldn't have gotten five. i did?

>> yea! popcorn.

>> your girls will love that when they come visit.