TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Burger King introduces lower-calorie ‘Satisfries’

The fast food restaurant is unveiling the new “healthier” take on their menu staple which has 20 percent  fewer calories and 25 percent less fat. The TODAY anchors taste-test the fries and give it their review, with Matt Lauer saying they’re “a crinkle slice of heaven.”

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>> well, trending on google, is it the answer to our prayers? introducing a new low calorie french fry . burger king unveiling the healthier option today at it's restaurants nationwide. here comes jerry the french fry fairy.

>> the french fry fairy?

>> been called worse.

>> let's see if they satisfy your craving for fries.

>> as you see --

>> they're warm too.

>> these are crinkle cut.

>> i love the crinkle cut.

>> you do? i like the straight cut.

>> burger king says they have 20% fewer calories.

>> 20% fewer calories, 25% less fat so for a value size we're talking 190 calories.

>> these are the healthy ones.

>> are they healthy or just less bad.

>> they're fewer cal risk.

>> these are the original.

>> they're going to continue to sell both by the way.

>> they're pretty good.

>> they're really good.

>> they're a crinkle slice of heaven.

>> i might put a little more salt on them.

>> that kind of defeats the purpose.

>> maybe some guacamole.

>> i can't really taste the difference between the original and this one.

>> they will offer both options today.

>> crispy on the outside.