TODAY   |  September 16, 2013

Prince William opens up about fatherhood

The prince says that fatherhood has changed his feelings about the world; the sight of wildlife being killed can now reduce him to tears. He also describes Prince Philip finally meeting infant Prince George after delays due to Philip’s ailing health.

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>>> trending on google, prince william 's emotional experience. on a new documentary the duke of cambridge is opening up on how fatherhood changed him.

>> the last few weeks for me have been a very different emotional experience. something i never thought i would feel myself. and i find -- again, it's only been a short period but a lot of things effect me differently now.

>> so what has changed in the two months? william says despithe site is enough to reduce him to tears. he got a special meeting on sunday. it was developed because of phillip's on going health issues.

>> i love to hear him talk about how fatherhood changes him. does it turn you softer.

>> yeah. you can't even describe it.

>> especially number two. second kid. whole new thing.

>> not that you're playing favorites.