TODAY   |  September 10, 2013

New iPhone to roll out amid rumors of new features

The most valuable company in the world is rolling out its next line of iPhones today, and the tech industry is abuzz with rumors about the phone having a new camera, faster processors or even a thumbprint scanner for security. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> the tech giant is feeling pressure to reclaim it's hold on the smartphone race. they're expected to unroll a new version of the iphone . miguel almaguer is outside the company's headquaters in california. good morning.

>> good morning. when apple rolls out a new product the world watches. tens of millions of americans own their products, none more popular than this. the iphone . if apple does roll out a new iphone , will it live up to the hype?

>> reporter: at their best, apple products are designed to change the way we experience the world. those white ear buds alone iconic. now apple insiders say they're expecting new changes today to the product some 53 million americans already own and can't live without. the iphone .

>> the rumors are all over the place on this one. especially -- a lot of leaks are happening.

>> reporter: what's going to change? apple isn't commenting but the internet is a buzz with what could be next. the new iphone could be faster with a better camera flash , but will it have a feature straight out of james bond ? fingerprint security?

>> encoded to your palm print so only you can fire it.

>> this kind of technology would render the iphone useless should a thief grab the iphone and then you report it stolen.

>> reporter: but what about something that is truly for everyone? rumor is, for the first time, two new iphone will be released today. one high end , the other more affordable.

>> we're talking about a lot more colors like lifesavers. cheaper model made out of plastic.

>> the big roll out comes as the company is losing ground in the smartphone market. samsung's android phones already cheaper and with more models available have already taken a huge bite out of apple 's sales.

>> i would argue that apple is definitely playing catch up here. they don't necessarily have to worry about playing catch up because they're still apple .

>> reporter: but is apple still the gold standard in the fast growing smartphone market? this morning there is plenty of hype. in just a few hours we'll know whether apple can change the game , again. whether apple 's new iphone is a hit or not, one thing is certain, it will be a cash cow . last year alone, the iphone raked in $88 billion. natalie.

>> all right. miguel almaguer, thank