TODAY   |  September 08, 2013

335 pound football player is also a cheerleader

A Texas teenager shines on the field in more ways than one, competing in two entirely different athletic endeavors at the same event. NBC’s Randy McIlwain reports.

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>>> unusual for high school students to do a lot of extracurricular activities on their plate.

>> these days you need them.

>> this football player is taking things to the next level because when had it comes to game time , he's not just wearing pads. he puts on another entire uniform at halftime.

>> i love this story. the teenager who is doing double duty under those friday night lights.

>>> am i excited for the game tonight? is i'm excited.

>> reporter: in the halls of the episcopal school of dallas --

>> i'm well rounded.

>> reporter: he is 6'3", 335 pounds. but the senior is known for his huge personality.

>> armond has tried every different hat that he can try.

>> so then it's 55 sent meters per second.

>> reporter: he's a stellar student and actor.

>> he cried half the night.

>> reporter: and then there's his voice.

>> reporter: you can't be armond's size and not play high school football in north texas , when the friday lights come on, it is his time to shine on the field in more ways than one. armond is number 72.

>> come on, ar mopped, let's go.

>> reporter: he's drawn scholarship attention from major colleges, but at halftime he puts on a show for the friday night faithful. armond is a cheerleader.

>> his toes go up to here which is higher than any of the girls.

>> he's going to get 24, 30 on the vertical jump, it's crazy what this kid does.

>> reporter: what do you love about cheerlead iing?

>> cheer is a sport and at the same time it's entertainment, an art.

>> reporter: it restored his spirit. he spent most of eighth grade partially paralyzed after a football neck injury. he couldn't play but he could cheer.

>> that was the first sport that i played when i got out of the wheelchair. and i experienced such a great teamwo teamwork.

>> reporter: when doctors cleared him to play football again this year, armond told his coach, only on one condition.

>> i have to cheer and be able to play football and he would have to figure that one out.

>> reporter: now this bulldozer of a nose tackle is ready to combine his unique skills on his next quarterback set.

>> you think you can scare me, and maybe you'll say boo. but last time i just checked, i just tackled you.

>> reporter: for "today" randy mcill wane, nbc news, dallas, texas.

>> i love it. i love it.