TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

Valerie Bertinelli: Jenny Craig ‘smart’ to use real people

“Hot In Cleveland” star Valerie Bertinelli tells Kathie Lee and Hoda how much she enjoys working with the talented cast of the hit show, and says she believes weight-loss program Jenny Craig is making a smart decision to use real people in their ads.

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>>> it is a big night for fans of the hit tv show "hot in cleveland" starring valerie bertinelli .

>> especially if you were fans of "the mary tyler moore show ."

>> that's because tonight's finale includes a much-anticipated tv reunion.

>> as well as a jailhouse wedding that has valerie 's character a little choked up. now take a look.

>> now these three remain, faith, hope, and love. oh, i love love . i love faith and hope . that's my middle name . it really is, melanie hope.

>> is she special needs ?

>> sort of.

>> i forgot about that. we did it awhile ago.

>> how are you, sweetie?

>> very well. nice to see you guys again.

>> the jailhouse thing, what was this about?

>> you know, the character has been engaged to allen's character for i don't know their -- i know their real names but not their fake names. it's all trying to get them married and he goes off to jail.

>> why?

>> something about tax evasion because he wasn't keeping an eye -- his accountant went away with his money.

>> he's a pervert.

>> no, no.

>> betty would like that.

>> right.

>> this " mary tyler moore " reunion is huge.

>> what took you so long?

>> i know, right? we've had mary on the show, then valerie , we've been trying to get on the show for awhile, but oh, my god, these ladies, nobody went to their dressing rooms, we all the stayed on the set and watched. everyone had their little camera phones out.

>> yeah, i have one now. i know how to do that, sort of. just magical?

>> magical was the perfect word, it was magical, it was surreal. i remember lying on our living room floor watching this show.

>> great, great leaders in our business. they are all such fun women.

>> amazing women. and they fell into this really beautiful pattern that you could see they had 30 years ago that just helping each other with lines and cracking each other up.

>> who's losing it the most, would you say?

>> out of everybody on that set? me.

>> no, when you see these pros at it, still at it, timings so extraordinary.

>> really are amazing women. no one's losing it.

>> are you still pinching it over this show? i was reading, i said i'd be happy if i keep going back to studio 19.

>> in two weeks we start our fifth season.

>> i was blessed to do a guest star thing. i know why she feels that way, it's just so much fun when you're there. you do it in front of a live audience --

>> there you are.

>> yes, yes. notice how my career took off after that? nothing happened! not an offer, nothing. regis, i get regis's job, he comes back twice. me, nothing.

>> it ain't over yet, we're going into our fifth season.

>> wait a second. do you do it all in front of live audiences so you get the feedback? that must be great.

>> you have the unfortunate thing, your set was behind the audience, it was more difficult for you. they couldn't see her the whole time. no one wants to be in the pit back there. i don't know why they put you there.

>> i wonder why. nothing!

>> you do a weight loss commercial. you do jenni craig, now they started this thing where they said they weren't going to use celebs as much, they want to use everyday people . what do you think about the change?

>> i think it's smart. i'm still their ambassador. i will be whether they are paying me or not. that program changed my life for the better and i will always be indebted to that program. i love jenny craig , but i think it's great. i feel i'm a real person, too, but to see everybody's experiences in it.

>> that's why you worked, valerie , because people know that about you.

>> thank you, thanks.

>> there's a credibility that you have.

>> i like seeing people go through that transformation, i love hearing their stories. some of my favorite stories on tv, "extreme weight loss ," "the biggest loser." kudos to however they get more people in the door to hopefully save their lives and make them more healthy, great.

>> kudos to your hairdresser.

>> i'm so sorry.

>> bruce, looks great. kudos to your cute husband.

>> oh, my god.

>> we are so happy to see you.

>> i'll be back again.

>> two episodes of "hot in cleveland."